You Want To Secure A Robust Financial Future? Then, Choose Nexty

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What Nexty Brings On Board

If you are a start-up crypto entrepreneur and e-commerce investor, then Nexty is the right platform for you because they have designed for you a blockchain technology-based platform in which you could generate and raise capital for your e-commerce and start-up businesses within the shortest time possible. The highlights of its values are enormous and unbeatable. Let’s take a look at just a tip of the iceberg of what Nexty offers:

  • Investors can use Nexty as a form of currency or as a method of new payment.
  • It has an average block time of 2 seconds, the highest transaction speed compared to other cryptographic platforms. More so, it almost reaches real time, making a complete circa 2000 transactions per second. Nexty does not charge any fee on transaction. "It is the first zero transfer fee and instant transfer platform".
  • Nexty gives existing users the opportunity to swap Ethereum to different coins without any difficulty with real wallet option.
  • It offers investors opportunities to break business barriers of trading, helping them to create an open and flat world where there are no borders in economic activities, foreign trade and import.
  • Nexty offers a novel incentive for investors and holders of the second type of cryptocurrency. They get a reward of a little amount of cryptocurrency as against paying for their transaction.

What Is Nexty Magic Wand?

Nexty has five magical elements that work for its future payment system which give it a huge edge over others:

  • Real time (high) transaction speed
  • Low or zero transfer fees
  • High Scalability
  • Users’ confidence in privacy & confidentiality matters
  • Simplicity in use
  • Transfer fees price stabilization system through the smart staking system
  • Low volatility

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Learning The Nexty Practical Way

Since Nexty seeks to reinforce companies, whether on small, medium or large scale investment, to grow beyond the frontiers of exchanging, the practicability of its features is very simple and the technology is easy to use. For example, through the smart staking, investors are able to increase their profit margin. They also have control over how the price of copper is stabilized. In terms of practical application, the user comes in contact with a number of advantages that set this platform ahead of other currencies, including fast transaction, zero transfer fees; there is also mobile application, high mobility, easy to use for transfer, and good user experience.

Know Smart Staking In Nexty

Smart staking stands for a financial stratagem of managing request and supply in blockchain ecosystem. It operates on the design of giving flexible financing costs, in which case crypto holders get motivated to offer and purchase more so as to adjust more to interest and supply. Smart taking is of four programmes, namely, 7-day staking, 30-day staking, 90-day staking, and 360-day staking.

What Is Their Exchange Market Reach?

Nexty Coin has been listed on IDAX with NTY/ BTC, NTY / ETH pairs, and will be on other bigger exchange platform such as Huobi.

The Nexty Team

Nexty is run by a team of highly competent and experienced blockchain technologists, and viral marketer led by Ken Zeng, (Co-founder / CEO) , Thanh Dao, (Co-Founder / CTO) and Haytham Khaled, (Blockchain Team Leader)


How Do You Reach Nexty?

Official website:

With Nexty, your crypto business has just got a new boost that has never been. Tap into it and very many of you would like to transact with it. Good luck!

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