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Empowers the masses And to put money into Cryptocurrency, perhaps you should decide to put money into ICO that is the shortest route to bring you success. ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the internet program that's held by the person or the agency that's going to launch a completely different cryptocurrency. The ICO's are the largest fashion in the cryptocurrency and now become the future of fund-raising. It is offered by the owner of the whole new cryptocurrency which is going to launch. Cryptassist ICO is intended to produce the cryptocurrency world easy for all and focus to offer access to several crypto assets through a collection of essential tools. Folks invest using different cryptocurrencies and normal currencies too. Since there are lots of new cryptocurrencies that are likely to launch and so investors have numbers of alternatives to put their money on!

Crypto traders are going to be able to trade from 1 app to over 50 exchanges. With an easy and simple to use interface, trading is going to be made easy for both novice users along with crypto experts. Cryptocurrency exchanges aren't a portion of the normal stock exchange. Cryptassist coin now trade is simpler than ever. A growing number of people have become interested in the crypto industry. The company who's going to launch the entire new crypto coin starts the ICO.

The Cryptassist platform is a 1 stop destination for many of your cryptocurrency related info and will provide you with the unique features to succeed and earn greater profits. It will be the CryptAssist ICO assistant. The CRYPTASSIST platform will offer cryptocurrency trading and management tools which are very simple and convenient even for the newbies in the business.

The platform has numerous tools and solutions. It will provide freelance features. It will also promote digital money and provide information of the latest news and events. There's no platform covering the breadth and width of several features related to crypto in 1 platform.

Doesn't make a difference if you are just beginning or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will supply you with the required and essential tools and data for you to succeed and the prospect of earning even increased profit. IN CONCLUSION Anyone can write a convincing whitepaper, anyone can construct an attractive site but the genuine success of a project is dependent on the team undertaking the undertaking.

All projects are going to have profile on the Cryptassist platform where potential backers will have the ability to observe the teams, their prior experience and extensive info on the projects. If you're interested in joining a cryptographic project or you need to take part in a cryptographic project, you ought to read reviews which can help you obtain information that can enable you to see your mission vision. In the event the project isn't found to be feasible, the undertaking is going to be dropped. The Cryptassist project will have its very own mobile and web program, thanks to which they will always take note of all of the events and have information concerning the crypto currency.

MVP - Beta Wallet App tutorial


  • Duration of ICO: June 28th – August 11th 2018
  • A maximum of 6.75 B CTA will be sold during ICO and Pre-sale
  • 25 M CTA coins are reserved for bounty program
  • 1.5 B CTA coins are reserved for the team (locked for 6 months)
  • 1.725 B CTA coins are reserved for Airdrops, exchange listings and promotional activities
  • Ticker: CTA
  • Platform: S-Scrypt. (Will be converted to a DAG based algorithm)
  • Price: $0.05 USD
  • Hard Cap: $236.25 M USD
  • Soft Cap: $36.98 M USD

Token Distribution

  • Operational expenses – 25%
  • Marketing & Business development – 18%
  • Research and Development – 20%
  • Product development – 18%
  • Team – 12%
  • Legal – 5%
  • Non-for-profit organizations – 2%

Our Team


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I love the idea of this project. It is relatable to our daily life where there are some new traders out there that needs a simple yet profitable crypto exchanger. Good luck for the project!

An excellent project from a very promising team. I think that the project will be implemented in the crypto world. It will be very interesting for everyone. Hope for the success of this project. Good luck to the team!

An amazing project with a good idea. I wish success to this team

very promising project. hopefully it can be realized well, sales are also successful.

cryptassist is a good platform with various features.

The improvement crew is actually great. It is clear that people are fascinated in improvement and think about the future of their project !

this project is one of the best project in 2018. i wish success to team and special thank for their effort!

I hope that with the introduction of cryptassist, cryptocurrency, would be widely adopted by the masses.

Nice concept..

todaybis 17/08/2018..according to your article ico is finished. cant i invest now?project reached hardcap?

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Your project looks pretty confident among all.
I hope and I believe that it's not just that, and someday it will become something great.
It is interesting to observe and be a part of such projects!

through this platform we are given a variety of offers so we find solutions that we face through this platform

Cryptassist platform has potential backers that will have the ability to observe the teams. This is an exceptional project. Amazing