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The token holders will gain from the development of the Ecosystem's returns. Holders of the IC coin will also obtain a dividend of the business's profit. Wallet will likewise be integrated with IC Digital Bank which lets users pay using fiat. The wallet will also function as a curator for a great many crypto holders within the ecosystem. It can also be used to send and receive cryotographic currencies.

INGOT COIN is a great ICO program. Solution Ingot Coin made a platform which offers a comprehensive solution by their 6 unique components under a single platform. It will be based on ERC20 technology. The ingot coin is going to be the preferred transacting method and it's going to cover the next components as shown below. MORE ON INGOT COIN The Ingot coin utilizes the intelligent contracts feature of block chain technology to execute a myriad of transactions without the necessity for the normal intermediaries that limit the use of financial markets. Token The tokens will be applied as a way of value exchange from 1 member to another in order to find the suitable coordination of the needed value for the ecosystem. Through different means, those who have acquired cryptocurrency tokens in their possession are finding it challenging to use them to satisfy their everyday needs.

It will be based on blockchain technology and within the help of blockchain technology it will create a specialized ecosystem where it will utilize Smart Contracts to facilitate the execution of different contracts because INGOT Coin will make a connection between the crypto market and the finance market. It is a blockchain based platform that is made with the particular aim of interfacing and relating digital currencies with the regular fiat markets in order to remove each one of the shortages present in the existing cryptocurrency and transforming it into a reliable financial industry that will be functional for customers to perform transactions with so much ease and simplicity. INGOT gold coin is actually a decentralized cryptocurrency supplying you with advantages together with discount rates within the environment by itself.

The currency is going to be listed dependent on other electronic currencies, fiat currencies and conventional financial instruments like ETF and commodities. Crypto currencies cannot be used like traditional fiat currency in conditions of transferring funds especially through smartphones and conventional methods of transferring funds. IC Exchange is composed of the IC wallet, IC brokerage, and IC Digital bank, it is going to have the ability to cater to the requirements of participants. Ingot Coin Exchange will offer support for crypto trading pairs in addition to fiat and conventional instrument pairs. Its trade is planned on various exchanges and offers reasonable and equal conditions, irrespective of the volume of trade and seed capital. IC Trade may cost the most well-liked price upon practically all dealings compensated via the cash, rather than obligations made by foreign currencies or even additional primary fiat foreign currencies.

As it is presently in the current market, businesses that pay increasing quantities of dividends to their shareholders will enjoy increase in stock or token rates. The crypto market are not without their share of the issue, liquidity problem, deficiency of trust and plenty of technicalities are a few of the problems participants experience normally. Individuals also begun to put money into crypto markets because of better services than the conventional finance markets. Financial markets are very important to the overall health of an economy. The standard finance market is operating on the centralized system that's mostly a time spending approach.

IC Digital Bank will offer fund management for most interested stakeholders. It will act as fiat wallet for the users. The IC Digital Bank will also be responsible for the IC Brokerage and IC Exchange duties, for instance, day-to-day online services like e-payments. Member's bank account has to be verified. Member's brokerage account has to be verified. Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on an internet ledger known as the blockchain.


Token Details

  • Token: IC
  • Price 1 IC = 1 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, TIO, Fiat

Token Allocation

  • Founder: 4%
  • Advisory Board: 4%
  • Team: 5%
  • Bounty Program: 5%
  • Early Backers: 7%
  • Public: 75%

Fund Allocation

  • Accelerator: 3%
  • Crypto Certifier: 5%
  • Legal, PR and Consultation: 8%
  • Exchange Wallet: 10%
  • Reserve: 11%
  • Brokerage: 18%
  • Liquidity Fund: 22%
  • Digital Bank: 23%

Our Team

Our Advisors

Our Partners


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The INGOT project is a potential project that I have ever done. I think this project will develop in the future to attract more investors into this project.

This is the project of the future. Excellent service with convenient interface and extensive functionality, which has great prospects. I advise everyone to become a part of it!

A very good ICO project to follow and hopefully sales success.

an interesting concept that Ingot Coin has with 6 unique components in one platform and technology that is used ERC20 I'm sure this method will be much interested

The concept and purpose of this project is excellent.
I hope that the development team will be able to make every effort
to make this project a great and useful project.

The concept is unique, where both fiat and cryptocurrency can be used in an instant and simple platform like this. This is a great article, thanks for sharing with us!

A real great financial project, bridging Gap.
I am so proud of this project and the team behind the project . The team is fully dedicated and they believe In the project , have the knowledge to work it and to have great success. Today is the first day of our pre-ICO and I am sure it will do very well.