Moolyacoin - Single Denomination For Transactions On A Global Startup Ecosystem

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The project was developed by means of a group of earlier startup entrepreneurs in India who possess the first-hand experience on the challenges faced. It is, therefore, led by people with what it takes to propel it to greater heights. Inside my memory, few projects are open for different currencies today, so I note this is a huge benefit of this platform. People today want to put money into the new projects.

A lot of people believe starting a company is a mysterious practice. Lastly, ask yourself why you're seeking to initiate a company in the very first spot. No, it isn't simple to start a business, but it's much less complicated or as scary as lots of people think, either. They know they wish to begin a business, but they don't know the very first measures to take. Everyone will inform you it's risky to begin your own company. This solution will now enable far more exciting startup companies to become through into the marketplace as a result of elimination of barriers like lack of information, or only general confusion at where to start.

People have money and are searching for methods to spend it. You should not make an investment in an internet program with money you aren't ready to lose. Furthermore, most investors will now be cautious and turn to Moolyacoin to reduce odds of losing their funds.

The business process is horizontally scalable. It's high time technology starts being implemented within this component of payments. This platform gets a 9 on 10 in conditions of their choice of the issue statement and their effort to use block chain to deal with aforementioned challenges. The Moolya platform stipulates an enduring support to entrepreneurs, institutions, start-up businesses and help with all the intricacies of constructing a start-up. Moolyacoin is about thinking up a platform which is going to be in a position to accommodate businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as some other institutions which are trading within this marketplace. The social networking platform is a significant advertising tool as it enables the enterprise to reach more people.

There are several normal challenges every company faces whether they are large or little. Its purpose is to make an ecosystem that conceptualizes mutual benefit between traders and users, along with a platform that could permanently result in income stability. If you notice there wasn't much in regards to the team, that's because there was nothing on the site.

Moolya will use a patent-pending procedure to support the trading process crucial in the growth of an ecosystem that will permit the startups and users to discover many possibilities. MOOLYA is capable of having a worldwide online presence through using technologies like the ability to screen users geophysical range in addition to implementing the relevant financial laws for assorted territories into the intelligent contracts. MOOLYA is helping make sure that the establishment of a new business can be achieved in a much faster pace, with not as much confusion by incorporating all relevant parties in one spot. Moolya will help the startup entrepreneurs to easily search for financiers who will grow to be the investors.

Moolyacoin is going to be crucial, as it will assist in addressing transparency, which is among the best challenges in the sector. Moolyacoin is a project devoted to providing a remedy to this challenge by making it effortless for investors to gain access to critical details about various projects that may enable them to make their investment decisions wisely. MOOLYACOIN is a huge project, one which you shouldn't miss participating in the ICO not just for its great team but likewise the concept and idea the project represent.

Simple videos for you to understand our digital startup ecosystem


Coin Details

Token TickerMOOLYA
Soft Cap3 million USD
Hard Cap25 million USD
Pre-Sale10th July 2018 – 10th Aug 2018
Private-Sale1st Sep 2018 -30th Sep 2018
Crowd-Sale15th Oct 2018-15th Jan 2019
Coin Price in ICO1 MOOLYA = 0.06 USD
Minimum Investment0.2 ETH / 100 USD (Pre-Sale & Crowd-Sale)
Currencies AcceptedETH, USD

Coins Distribution

Coin Allocation

  • Pre Sale 1%
  • Private Sale 27%
  • Crowd Sale 20%
  • Advisors 14%
  • Founders & Team 14%
  • Reserve 24%

Allocation of funds raised

  • Platform Development 20%
  • OPEX 20%
  • Global Marketing and Collaboration 60%

moolya Senior Team


More Information see below :

To learn more about the project visit the official website



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Moolya’s advanced platform has been achieved by sheer perseverance of our founder & promoters who have invested upwards of USD 2 million from their personal source

This company's rise prospects! The future is behind the technology of blocking and avid ideas! I put a bet on this company is great and advise you!

A very good ICO project to follow and hopefully sales success.

a platform that can provide benefits between traders and users so that this platform is mutually beneficial and I am sure this will attract investors to join this project

The concept and purpose of this project is excellent.
I hope that the development team will be able to make every effort
to make this project a great and useful project.

I have a feeling that this project will be booming when the ICO end, the details in the WP is pretty clear, both of the concept and the team seems solid. Thanks for sharing!

The most interesting project to date! very much attracted someone else's attention! I'm a part of! And recommend to everyone! Very interesting and creative project! This project will achieve great victories! Good luck!