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If you wish to get involved and help Ubex revolutionize the internet advertising market you can purchase Ubex tokens in the ICO that's LIVE for a limited time only. Even with the favorable dynamics, the internet advertising market has many issues like non-transparent counterparty relationships, higher degree of fraud, and low targeting efficiency. Since you may see, the area of advertising and publishing is quite intricate and involves a substantial number of intermediaries.

Programmatic advertisement is a way of buying the ad online through automated systems and algorithms with no human interference. Advertising has ever been an evolving industry. Thus, with the assistance of Ubex and its decentralized blockchain solution, it's possible to buy advertising without brokers. In plain English, it's buying real-time advertising on the grounds of an auction. Advertiser will have the ability to cover advertising slots in tokens. In the end, advertisers reduce expenses related to selling goods and services, and because of this gain a chance to lessen their prices. Thus the advertisers can decrease the ordinary price of attracting the consumers by half.

If you currently have a Token Sale account, you should use your current account. Users now a whole lot more eagerly respond to advertisements, which results in a greater range of purchases. This approach will enable the user to receive exactly the type of advertising that may be practical to him, and businessmen will begin to get real customers, and not empty clicks from disinterested folks. The initial 100 subscribers of the KakaoTalk Ubex channel will qualify for rewards.

To send your ad, you want to visit Ubex, select the best resource for you, to which you wish to put your ad. Ubex intends to address the issue of low confidence in purchasing digital advertising. Ubex aims to construct an infrastructure which allows them to select the process of purchasing advertising and its economic efficiency to another level.

The platform is constructed on the grounds of blockchain technology by means of smart contracts and neural networks. Also there's a bonus system while buying. The incentive process is built in such way it is advantageous to get tokens ahead of time. In fact, the technological section of an advertising system connected to the publishing world is pretty intricate and involves several layers and channels that all participants apply to to be able to target their audiences.

The outcomes are groundbreaking. The outcome of the conference proved extremely positive as several meetings were held with local partners. It can be, by way of example, a huge online shop with statistical data accumulated over several years. The usage of cryptocurrency does not directly offer such opportunities. The intention of the meetings is to get valuable media partners in the area. To start with, the principal task is to acquire the customer's interests.

Our objective is to boost the transparency and trustworthiness of the youthful ICO market and to minimize the possibility of fraud. This goal may not be accomplished without utilizing the ability of artificial intelligence. The essential target of running an airdrop is to get exposure.

Neural networks are easy and complex at the identical moment. By having the input array of consumer data, the neural network should attempt to predict the end result. The infrastructure developed by us will permit us to select the process of purchasing advertising and its economic efficiency to another level. Procurement of advertising occurs in actual time utilizing programmatic technology on the grounds of neural networks with the use of smart contracts. Next, an intellectual contract was concluded between you and whoever owns the online page, in which all the terms of the transaction are indicated. The Smart Contracts are going to have the function of automating and placing the ads in order to eliminate the intermediaries and third parties. Bright contracts and Ubex internal tokens will continue to keep the middlemen and their fees from the equation.

How Ubex works


Token Details

  • Token: UBEX
  • Price 1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH
  • Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 24,000 ETH

Token Distribution

  • Distributed to Community: 75%
  • Team & Advisors: 18%
  • Reserve: 4%
  • Bounty: 3%

Our Advisors

Our Partners



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Undoubtedly you will have a huge success, I almost do not doubt this because this project is managed by a strong and competent team!!!

platform that is very suitable for engagement because advertising is programmed and can buy advertisements online through the system, hopefully this platform successfully attracts hardcap in selling tokens

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AI Technology + Blockchain. Ubex bring inovation on advertiser.

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Who is Ismail Malik?

Nyc project well explain bro.

hopefully Ubex reach hard cap inICO sale

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The project is nice and interesting.I urge participants to dedicate and participate in the project so as to gain the objective of the project.And also partners of the project should not let us down because we trust u