VIVA - Crowdfund Homes & Invest In Mortgages Globally

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Viva is now on the lookout for techniques to complete the procedure, thereby taking all power from the older, traditional and completely outdated financing systems to leave them before, where they've belonged for a lengthy moment. VIVA is quite a real platform with a true team and most likely one of the far better ICOs to keep an eye on at this present date and time. Viva will allow users to make investment returns with techniques much like those employed by a conventional bank. Viva is a brand-new network which will help anyone who's interested in the business of real estate.

The project team has the essential competencies and experience, thus we can expect the development of the Vivanetwork token price in the instance of a superior macroeconomic situation in the cryptocurrency industry. The team will also supply the advice for the applicant on the best way to pay and manage their money to lessen the danger of the applicant being unable to cover their debt. The best aim of Vivanetwork is to give affordable prices for home buyers and profitable and secure earning opportunities for investors from all around the world.

Advisors are not affiliated with the business at all. As a consequence of this policy, the major mortgage brokers received loans from those who were actually not able to pay them. However, you should see that the quantity of the investment isn't fixated. It is very important to be aware that VIVA tokens aren't investments or securities, and they're likewise not fractionalised mortgage shares. It may also be measured by the construction of ownership and participation in local projects, together with fundraise. Owners of FMS is going to be eligible for the cash flows connected to the mortgage collateralized proportionally by the worth of the underlying asset.

Each query is going to be reviewed and answered. Beneath a few seconds our users can find a compound report of a particular url. With this, they will be able to build their profile (also called a V-Score), regardless of the country or credit agency. They will naturally have to have access to an e-wallet in order to purchase VIVA tokens, as this is where they are stored. First this tool was used internally, but now it's readily available for a larger audience, and it's completely free. The funding mechanism that's imposed by the platform here is crowdfunding, meaning that there are going to be a whole lot of individuals are investing within this platform by buying the token of the platform and therefore the money is going to be utilized to fund for the applicants and the mortgage.

Viva Network seeks to think of a way it would be in a position to knock out all the inefficiencies that are in the neighborhood financing system. As with a number of other ICO projects employing the Ethereum platform, the Viva network is going to be founded on using smart contracts. By incorporating these kinds of traders, it assists in innovating applications that have been created with the sole purpose of improving the current condition of traditional appraisal and credit scoring processes that, at times, are outdated. The market Viva Network is seeking to tackle is massive, which means development will take a significant little time, perhaps even decades. This platform was made up of a number of the best technologies on the market. And it's powered with a powerful crowdlending platform, composed of the most innovative technology that will make it possible for homebuyers the capability to get real fiat currency and home loans.


MEW/Metamask Wallet:

  • Under “Token Balances”, click “Add
  • Custom Token”.
  • Copy/paste VIVA token address: 0x887a663d4e426c0382605932c2a91bd70043ef0b
  • Token Symbol: VIVA
  • Decimals: 18

Token info

  • Token: VIVA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price 1 ETH = 35,714 VIVA
  • Accepting: ETH

Token Distribution

  • 75% Token Generation Event distribuion
  • 10% Reserve Fund Allocation
  • 7.5% Team's Allocation
  • 3.75% Advisors Allocation
  • 3.75% Marketing, Bounty, and Private Contribution Allocation




More Information see below :

To learn more about the project visit the official website



I believe that this project will be very much in demand due to its unique idea and competent approach to doing business.

VIVA is an evolution of the traditional financial system which is now replaced by a new financing system that is owned by VIVA

This is a great project and it has great potential for development. I Believe in this project and to the team, they are seriously taking every steps to make it a successful ICO.

Hopefully this VIVA project can become a new innovation in loan financing. good luck and success

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