InoCoin project overview

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What is InoCoin?

Ino coin is a payment platform. Ino coin has a token that has the same name INO Coin and is available in the Ethereum blockbuster.

The  InoCoin platform offers a unique opportunity for people regardless of  age, knowledge and wealth to be an investor or innovator.

Ino  Coin is offering funding to young people and new companies to ensure  that good ideas can be demonstrated to the general public and be  supporters of innovative projects that are useful to the world. In  fact, what distinguishes the InoCoin token is that it will not be based  on market prices, but on the number of good projects that are funded. So, turn it into a harder currency.
The difference from conventional financing

Ino  Coin focuses on something more, not only strives to provide economic  support, but also creates space for the exchange of knowledge and  experience among users, seeks that every person who has decided to  belong to this project has the interest and ability to perform any  actions that it  is required, seeks to create a cohesion of the group, which allows to  further increase the project and the success of all those who have been  chosen.

Other differences:

Investment opportunities. Most crowd-framing platforms set the required amount for private investment. This usually limits investment opportunities to a small circle of the rich man. While on the InoCoin platform, anyone can invest no matter how many people are large or small;
ICO  is no longer needed: most Crowdfunding platforms have an ICO to collect  funds and generate tokens that are not needed, and neglect the  usefulness of end users. But InoCoin does not require ICO, because it has a working product and is ready to help both investors and start-ups;
Decision  Making: Most decisions for decision-making on crowded hosting platforms  are taken by the main team or the founder or platform. In InoCoin, the community decides what the platform should invest in. Decisions are made by the community through voting, which makes the process very simple and absolutely transparent;

Projects from InoCoin

Photo  Ino: Ino Coin offers you the opportunity to change captured moments,  storage options with rates in INO, of course, the more you have, the  higher will be your benefit.
CoffeINO:  designed for coffee lovers, with a single use of the app to find stores  according to your preference as restaurants or even another local, you  will receive free coffee per day. Great,  because before you waste time searching for a place, you can preview  the application and go to the one that suits you best. And get your prize.
Ino  Chat: this is another way for us to communicate, if it's not through  the chat, this is a simple and accurate way to keep in touch, Ino has  one and is in the blockade, wonderful.

Advantages of the InoCoin project

  • In addition to the fact that the project is based on the block air of the etherium, it has many advantages:
  • Decentralization: equality without discrimination, decisions are made by agreement, and everyone can resist it;
  • Confidentiality: anonymity on the Internet, security of your data;
  • Low fees: Saving in your hands, low prices do not limit users, and everyone can participate;

How does InoCoin work?

The new launch should create a promo page describing their project, and the reasons why they should receive funding. They  will offer promotions and rewards for the early users of their project,  as well as other websites that fund other participants.

Investors start with investments in InoCoins. This coin was very stable and is expected to be expanded in the future due to a larger number of currency exchange offices. 

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