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About the project

HEROIC.com  is a project aimed at creating an effective cyber protection system  using artificial intelligence and blocking technology. The  developers emphasize that modern security systems are not sufficiently  effective and do not keep up with the rapid development of cyber  criminals. In  addition, databases of potential threats that are collected by such  systems are only available to large companies, and therefore  inaccessible to ordinary users. 

Therefore,  the project team decided to create a system that, with the help of  modern technologies, will be able to provide effective cyber protection,  while being accessible to all users. The HEROIC.com system consists of three main components: HEROIC Arc Reactor ™, HEROIC Guardian ™ and Research and Development.

HEROIC Arc Reactor ™ is an open and decentralized database of existing potentially dangerous cyber threats. Data  providers will place them in this database, after which an algorithm  will be developed, with the help of which artificial intelligence will  classify and analyze them. 

Note that the more data will be placed in this database, the smarter the system will be. In  this way, HEROIC Arc Reactor ™ has all the prerequisites to becoming  one of the largest cyber threat storage sites around the world. It is also worth mentioning that the data market collected in this database will operate using the HRO token. The cost of data will be calculated using a special formula. Thus,  the price will depend on several aspects, for example, on the size of  the data, on their potential importance, on threat assessment, etc.

HEROIC  Guardian ™ is a cloud-based platform through which the interface  provides the ability to manage cyber security for both ordinary users  and companies. Here,  data from Arc Reactor will be integrated with artificial intelligence,  which in the future can predict possible threats from cyber criminals,  and build a system of protection against them. 

Also  this platform will be open for different developers to make  applications and integrate them with the database of Guardian, which  will make a full-fledged cyber security ecosystem. Still it is worth noting that through the Guardian interface, access and management of the purse of HRO tokens will be realized.

Research and Development is actually a research site. Here,  both for developers and for companies, there will be an affordable  opportunity to create and test their own cyber security algorithms using  Arc Reactor data. HEROIC.com will provide the necessary tools and data for the creation of modern security systems. Again, the level of development of artificial intelligence will depend on the number of algorithms created. Also, access to tools and data in the framework of Research and Developmen will be realized using HRO tokens.

A few words should be said about the participants of the ecosystem HEROIC.com. One  of these will be ordinary users, for whom this system will provide  protection against cyber crimes, using the above elements. But also, users can earn HRO tokens. 

How? The system, if the user agrees, will use the computing capabilities of the devices, to store data or search for new threats. This process will be encouraged by the payment of internal system tokens. The second participant of this ecosystem can be considered developers. 

The  main advantage for them is the existence of a site for the creation and  testing of products of cyber security Research and Development. Creating  a different kind of system (from a simple algorithm of cyber security  to full-fledged programs), developers will be able to receive a reward  in the HRO tokens. In  general, for them HEROIC.com opens as a huge platform for creating  their own projects, with access to a large database, and a huge  community of  enthusiasts in the field of cyber security. 

The last participants of this ecosystem are companies. As  for developers, for companies (or any kind of organizations such as  schools, businesses, non-profit organizations), HEROIC.com will be fully  open. In  this case, companies play a big role in the development of this  security system, because they own a large amount of data that they can  contribute to Arc Reactor (for which they will receive a reward). Among  the advantages also worth noting access to the database, and as a  result, and protection from cyber threats, as well as the possibility of  creating products for cyber security.

Token sale

  • Token - HRO
  • Presley - June 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018
  • Token Seyel - August 1, 2018 - August 30, 2018
  • The price of the token is $ 0.1125
  • The minimum amount of fees is $ 2,500,000
  • The maximum amount of fees is $ 41,000,000
  • Created tokens - 1 000 000 000 HRO

Token distribution:

  • 50% - sale
  • 25% - incentive fund
  • 25% - development fund

Using tokens

The HRO token (created on the Ethereum block) will be the only means of payment within the HEROIC.com system. As  already mentioned, it will be used to motivate users (for this purpose,  a user support fund will be created), to pay for data, services or  cyber security products. In  the future, developers are counting on the fact that the HRO token will  become a new security standard that will be used in other projects.


The team members are represented on the site. Most of them have links to their profiles in LinkedIn. 

The CEO of this project is Chad Bennett. Prior  to that, he worked for a long time at high positions in companies and  organizations dealing with cyber security (Brigham Young University,  Lancera), as well as related to real estate and e-commerce (Vested  Group, DomainMarket.com). 

Therefore,  there is no doubt that the head of this project has enough experience,  including numbers and the direction of cyber security. In general, the team is staffed with specialists. 

As for the team of advisers, their number is 11 people. None  of them was previously involved in other block projects, but if you  believe the information from the project site, then most of them are  experienced executives of companies of different kinds.


Everyone should decide whether to accept or not to participate in the token, independently. The problem of cyber security does exist. The  threat of loss of personal data for ordinary users, or data for some  companies remains real, and mechanisms for creating new cyber threats  are developing faster than security systems. Therefore,  solving the problem with the help of artificial intelligence and  blocking technology seems quite an interesting idea. It can not be said that it is new. We could already see something like this in the BitFence project, which was reviewed earlier. But, comparing these two projects, I would still give priority to HEROIC.com. The  reason for this is the existence of the Research and Development site  (which opens up great opportunities for the full development of the  ecosystem), as well as the professional team behind this project. Nevertheless,  competition has a positive impact in any industry, so we expect the  successful development of both projects, from which all will benefit. 

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