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What is Egretia

Egretia one platform Blockchain HTML5 to form associate degree surroundings of complete, open and friendly to developers programming net, Games and Apps. operating in partnership with one in all the world’s leading HTML5 developers, Egret Tech, Egretia intends to bring a secure, fair, secure and cheap development scheme to the whole community. Developing HTML5 around the world.


HTML5 could be a powerful evolution of markup language, short for HyperText nomenclature. HTML5 with the primary version was shaped in 2008 however till 2011 formally launched with the foremost fashionable technology. However, at that point several browsers weren't promptly modified to support it, therefore in truth at the time, HTML5 was simply the target that a lot of net style firms and browsers area unit aiming for however not into. Today, most well-liked browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE …. each support HTML5. That has created a good revolution for net technology.

HTML5 was discharged as a worthy upgrade to deal with the shortcomings of HTML4 with the subsequent guidelines:

  • Less passionate about the plugin for practicality.
  • Scripting ought to get replaced with markup whenever doable.
  • Device freelance (eg, offered on all devices and supply a similar expertise for the user).
  • Announce the event method thus everybody will see what’s occurring.

HTML5 was born to unravel the backlog of HTML4

With the arrival of HTML5 at the side of new elements and genus Apis that area unit slowly exchange technologies like Flash. For applications that need special graphics and motion effects, programmers will use Canvas with a picture or vector-style SVG. additionally to the planning of visual sites, HTML5 is additionally wont to produce graphics libraries that facilitate produce graphical applications, games in each 2nd and 3D environments, yet as desktop applications.

How HTML5 contributed to the Gaming industry?

The most special good thing about HTML5 is “device independence”. The distinction between programming languages and platforms is that several developers need to overcome. And HTML5 is that the salvation of the matter. Synchronization within the HTML5 programing language has created the sporting expertise less complicated than ever. Users ar currently able to play games on their mobile phones, desktops or tablets with none issues. you only got to move to the foremost basic application on a smartphone or computer and revel in your favorite game.

The Egretia Blockchain laboratory

Why blockchain?

As good because the gambling trade is to several developers and investors, there has been quite some challenges with these applications that run most games;
Lack of a trusty and international payment system
Most of the applications square measure developed by corporates that management however payments square measure done. this implies that choices|the choices} square measure restricted particularly to those in components of the planet wherever payment options most well-liked by these applications don't seem to be obtainable.

Lack of transparency

Gaming is regarding competition. Users of applications ought to be assured that there's a clear and immutable program that assures fairness, and this is often solely attainable exploitation blockchain’s distributed agreement.

Lack of developer motivation

If you're developing a tremendous game to sell to a company, you will not be as impelled as once you square measure developing associate degree application you'll be able to deploy out there and earn on every occasion gamers use it.

Egretia Ecosystem

Based on the quantity of content provided by heron Engine that has coated many countless users, Egretia can produce one encrypted passport for every user, which can make sure the security, distinctive and safe for scheme participants.
Provides users with a high-security digital pocketbook, that is a secure payment platform for all Blockchain HTML5 applications.
Creates tokens currently in HTML5 comes round the world: Egretia.
Because of the transparency and unchangingness of the blockchain , in addition, because the distinctive passport of every user, throughout the content system designed by Egretia, Egretia will accurately describe users, build systems Credit and users will firmly communicate with different users within the world in Egretia, create friends and exchange virtual property, etc.
Building a property and effective scheme for the user.


Technically, Egretia can have some improvements:

The blockchain operate is meant within the kind, integrated into the heron Engine and front-end development tools, as well as over two hundred,000 developers. Bring Egreten token into many thousands of games and applications, as well as over one billion users round the world.

About operational the system:

Egretia includes a foremost team of game distributors and applications through the present heron play platform with forty million monthly active users, operational content that integrates the token request system . Egretia to confirm the worldwide circulation of Egretia.
Egretia includes a well-established advertising platform to advertise games and merchandise supported Egreten with strategic partners like Facebook and Google.

Egretia Token

The Egretia Token is employed throughout the system and in the following cases:**
Developers use well-built tools + SDK to quickly develop merchandise that uses Egretia token as a payment medium.
Users will use Egreten to shop for in-game things, get hold of content, and so on
Users will use Egreten to participate in lotteries, discounts and alternative promotions on Egretia round the world.
The user will gain Egretiaas a bequest through taking part within the crowdfunding of the sport on Egretia.
Developers, content publishers will use Egreten to advertise on Egretia ads.
Distributors will receive Egretia through the distribution of content, advertising, etc.
Egretia electronic billfold is formed supported the user’s distinctive passport, to firmly store user’s virtual assets, crowdfunding rewards, platform rewards, etc.

  • Virtual quality dealing Platform. Provides platform that enables players to make games on Egretia that may change digital assets.
  • Advertising Platform: Build an advertisement management system supported blockchain-based games, good contracts, and electronic payments.
  • Platform Game: Players will play games on this platform, the platform uses the proof of game (POG) mechanism to reward players for electronic cash likewise as share it with you.
  • Egretia Incubator: can support the sport development team on the platform of Egretia. Bridge between players and development team.
  • Storage platform: By mistreatment blockchain technology, it permits to store all the information within the game fully distributed.
  • Game Development Platform: HTML5 Game Development software system on the primary blockchain.

Egretia is anticipated to develop and run on its own blockhain network, in addition as be integrated with different blockchains like Greek deity, ETH, etc. a number of the core options of the Egretia network

  • Consensus protocol: Dpos (delegated proof of stake) like Bitshare, EOS
  • Speed: over 2000 tps
  • Activity: modification the Egretia network parameters like block creation time, block size, dealings fees through balloting.
  • Efficient development toolkit: Supports several programming languages: Javascript, typescript, HTML, CSS, Node.JS, Go, C ++, C #

Token sale and Distribution

Presale Period: Registration starting
from April 30th, 2018, 8am CST

  • Cap: 25,000 ETH
  • Rate: 1ETH=84,000 EGT
  • Min Contributions: 100 ETH
  • Max Contributions: 1000 ETH
  • Lockup Period: 4 months (20% token
    released per time, total 5 times, The first
    phase releasing on the same time when
    public sale tokens being released)

Public Period: May 26, 2018, 8am CST -
May 30, 2018, 8am CST

  • Cap: 10,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT(CyberMiles)
  • 1,000,000 ABT(Arcblock)
  • Rate: 1ETH=70,000 EGT
  • Min Contributions: 0.1 ETH
  • Max Contributions: 3 ETH
    (No Lockup Period)

Both Sales Required KYC/AML


  • Token Supply: 8,000,000,000 Egreten
  • Token Sale Event: Up to 39%
  • Foundation: 27%
  • Marketing & Business Partners: 14%
  • Team, Contributors & Advisors: 20%
  • Softcap: 10,000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT(CyberMiles)+ 1,000,000 ABT(Arcblock)





Project analysis :

  • The project targets the potential game development market with a rate of growth of over 100% a year. calculable revenue of HTML5 games cluster can reach a hundred billion within the next decade.
  • The idea of the project is kind of sensible to unravel the present downside of the sport business, develop the primary blockchain game platform.
  • The development team and also the fully fledged team within the field of video games, blockchain technology utilized in giant firms like NVIDIA (Game Engine, Graphics, Qualcom, Adobe). additionally, the project received investment capital from an outsized variety of investors like Bit Angel. This confirms the practicableness of the project. above all,
    Egretia partnerships alter heron technical school partners to integrate and reach bent on over two hundred,000 users. --- Microsoft Partner , Xiaomi, Tencent. with seventy fifth market share in HTML5 games in China .
  • The project is presently in beta.

More Info




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