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FAXPORT is a blockchain platform for providing business services in the field of sports. Thanks to the decentralized network, the block platform directly connects the participants of the world business community in the field of sports, service providers and consumers, contributes to the active development of the world commercial market and allows creating an entirely new business ecosystem in the field of physical culture based on trust, incentives, speed and zero commission.

The Faxport database for servicing sports business is based on the blockchain. It was created to develop and carry out activities as a project team in late 2016. In 2018, the corporate Faxport Holdings restricted was registered within Seychelles, whereas all operations were conducted below the semblance of a company.

Direct reference to world sports investors, service suppliers, and customers through the decentralized block network, promotes positive interaction within the world market of sports trade. This improves and raises the level of ubiquitous digital information in the sports market. And also, it is aimed at creating an innovative sports commercial service based on trust, encouragement, convenience, is also free of commission.

Faxport leverages the benefits of block systems that are decentralized, securely encrypted, unchanged, and do not need central trust organizations, focusing on its use in its core business - in the field of sports investment, sports business database, professional social network, recruitment, crowdfunding and also on.

It is a holistic ecosystem aimed at solving the problems facing the developing world sports market. It is aimed at attracting the user's attention, using mechanisms to encourage and resolve disputes.

The purpose of FAXPORT

Renewal of trust

Lack of trust led to numerous problems related to sports and people embedded in it, including the employees of the sports industry and sports fans, moving them away from the sports ecosystem. This hidden danger turned the basic value system, in which sports and physical exercises should be justified.
Faxport will use natural decentralized and unaltered accounting technology to improve security and mutual trust while reducing abuse and creating a trust system for the global sports industry.
Thus, providing a platform for participants with a user experience based on trust and security.

Establishing a network of messages for athletes

With the acceleration of the development of sports, the contact between those who participate in the global sports industry is growing simultaneously. Data from the entire sports industry covering the whole of Europe show that only 12% of employees expressed a lack of interest in completely new job opportunities. Based on the network blockbuster, Faxport created a "connection" for the sports industry. Using blocking technology to solve major problems, such as eliminating data accumulation, ensuring data security,
falsification of data, it provides a genuine identity and is a resource for the talents of the sports industry dealing with network and recruiting kits, ensures overall performance, and also attracts talents of the global sports industry, creating a network platform for world-class sports talents, easily maximizing such functions, as an exchange of resources, business meetings and a set of talents.

Enhancing mobility in global sports business.

Faxport creates a platform for servicing sports trading based on new trust mechanisms that not only truly reflect the corporate brand and its promotion, but also release an update of the entire brand value, which leads to the development of the brand around the world while coming into contact with real international opinions.
This is the industry leader, in line with investment trends, and the impact on the government.
The company clearly understands that growth trends in the sports industry mean active and easy deletion of regional boundaries, the joint use of high-quality resources of each participant and, thereby, the promotion of effective cooperation.
As Associate in Nursing capitalist, you'll additionally instantly invest and finance any sports program within the world with the assistance of cryptocurrency. Faxport activates Associate in Nursing assortment of product
and services, transportation along stakeholders in international sports on-line.

Decrease in economic jokes

Thanks to the utilization of Faxport's AI agreements, the payment system participant will simply verify the credentials and identity of the opposite party within the interaction and transactions on the Faxport platform, thereby increasing the transparency, efficiency, and security of transactions in several ways. This significantly reduces operational costs, ensures effective coordination, rapid allocation of resources, and also reduces overall economic costs.

The product has already been launched

Cooperation with the well-known in China team "Kuai Ti and the media" was concluded, in 2017 the largest database on trade in the field of sports was created.

FAXPORT Platform


Platform Mediator Fax Go

Even the modern industrial giants, who have the power to control public opinion, once grew up from small projects and companies. Only thanks to their own efforts and the help of capital they were lucky that they survived and took root in a troubled modern era. Perhaps the reason why many of the extremely interesting sports projects could not develop well or settled on a hospital bed is because for one reason or another they could not get a source of capital and attention to their rapid growth. Another aspect is that those who wish to invest or participate in investments are also not
have the ability to communicate with the project side and with a capable, highly efficient platform. It is possible that this led to the fact that extremely promising companies and projects were buried. It was because of these obstacles that an independent module was born: the FAX GO support platform.

Sports crowdfunding site

Faxport plans to create an independent and key module FAXPORT: FAX GO. FAX GO can be a solution that allows interesting, worthwhile sports products and projects to more smoothly overcome obstacles to capital financing and client operations. Or, in other words, FAX GO uses options such as community voting and smart contracts to build a technology solution for the block, combining it with FAS, BTC and ETH as the currency used to calculate bills, and creating a decentralized crowd-hosting platform.
Users vote for what they are interested in. Perhaps the object is competition, perhaps a pair of athletic shoes, maybe it's a young athlete who wants to attend training in Europe. Until this is part of the sports world, then this project has the right to be on the FAX GO. In addition, the platform management will ensure that each project can express itself appropriately, launch itself in its own way and, in addition, help potential investors analyze and make a decision between these projects. This is a new vector in the sports commerce industry.

Projects will be attracted to the FAX GO platform, where, in the future, the community will vote for the project. Voting users can become preferential investors and project participants in the course of formal public fund-raising.
From the purchase of the FAS holding, the project team can receive real-time investment in real time, and the use and direction of these investment money, as well as the overall progress of the project, are recorded and displayed in detail in the block. This guarantees overall reliability of the project.

Business model Faxport

Faxport considers it its duty to extend potency and quality within the entire sports market. additionally, the company Faxport Holdings restricted aims to form a high-quality industrial model to confirm uninterrupted operation, supporting comes, further as guaranteeing the soundness and worth of FAS. a part of the revenue is going to be generated through the upkeep of transactions. there'll even be a membership fee for key users and customers.

Commission for Transactions

As AN intermediator uniting investment and monetary comes, an accomplishment of abilities, e-commerce, transactions, promotion of advertising services for corporations and comes, further as money withdrawals, Faxport can offer a maintenance fee that varies from zero.2% to 2%. The fee for conjugation Faxport is way less than the upkeep fee for ancient centralized platforms. this permits platform participants to feel snug, permitting them to freely conduct transactions, thereby conducive to the expansion of the whole scheme of the platform.

Token sale and Distributing

Token Sale


Total supply: 200,000,000 FAS (30,0 million USD)
Soft cover: 18,000,000 FAS (2,7 million US dollars)
Initial sales target: 40,000,000 FAS ($ 6.0 million)
Current for sale: 50 000 000 FAS ($ 7.5 million)

  • Platform : ETH
  • Type : Erc- 20
  • Token : FAS
  • 1 ETH = 3,161.76 FAS
  • Pre Sale: March 30,2018 - April 18,2018
  • Crowsale: April 25,2018 - May 24,2018
  • This stage: The official sale phase # 3 May 14-24 May
  • Bonus : 5%
  • Accepted currencies : BTC / ETH

Token Distribution

  • Sale: 40,000,000-20-20%
  • Crowdasley: 50,000,000,000%
  • Preparation of the fax machine: 44,000, 000-22%
  • Team: 30,000, 000-15%
  • Investors and consultants: 30,000,000- 15%
  • Marketing budget: 6,000, 000-3%

Road Map


  • 2016 Q4 - FAXPORT team created in
  • 2017 Q1 - FAXPORT
  • Q2 beta launched - Completing the database of more than 40,000 projects and companies
  • Q3 - FAXPORT Collaborating with the Chinese company Kuaitiyu (without blocking solution)
  • Q4 - Preparing funds mass media, recruitment and user system
  • Q1 - FAXPORT has reached the intention of cooperation in Japan. FAS Pre Sale
  • Q2 - FAS Crowdsale and FAXPORT officially participate in the work in Japan.
  • Q3 - Remuneration systems for hiring, financing, and users are completed on the Q4 block block
  • Enter the Asian market, demo FAX GO Sports Crowdfunding Platform launch
  • 2019 Q1 - Construction of the blocking product 2.0
  • Q3 - Entry into the markets of North America and Europe


At present, the core team consists of 16 members involved in the research and development of this project, mainly in Hong Kong, as well as in mainland China, Tokyo, Europe and North America.

Li Xiacheng - co-founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiaocheng-li-20218143/
Huang Zhijin - co-founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhijin-davids-huang-a8ba30144/
Haibing Gong - technical partner https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylanninin/
Tom Tong - marketing director https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-tong-23021b160/
Meikei Cheung - business manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/hainan/
Hao Jiang - business manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/hao-jiang-16b5bb106/
Aaron Zhao - senior business manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-zhao-204111126/
Meider Shaw - social media manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/meider-shaw-356923160/
ChiWai Ho - support specialist clients https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiwai-ho-388923160/


More Info

Website: https://faxport.io/?utm_source=BCT
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Faxport_Global-150461205635116
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Faxport_EN
Telegram: https://t.me/Faxportglobal
ANNthread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3247514.msg33816620#msg33816620
whitepaper: https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf

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FAXPORT ico is great project thanks for info

As Faxport’s active user numbers grow, there will be a corresponding large impact on its network and radiation, leading to a fairer and more transparent global sports service market

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