CONTENTS PROTOCOL - Improving The Contents Industry Using The Blockchain.

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The Internet of things has had a great impact on how we do things. Especially how we live, work and so many other good impacts. IoT has made connecting very easy with broadband internet reducing costs daily. We can basically connect to anyone and anything with something as little as a phone that can fit into our palms. That wasn't the case for some years. And with this came the need for content sharing. According to PwC, online paid content is growing at an astronomical rate with the rate even seen to have doubled. That is how important Content has become to us.

Why do we need content or data? Businesses and organizations thrive on legit data and content. Music, Videos, Books, Pictures, even social media are all examples of contents. Now Imagine yourself without these things? How unbearable life would get. This is just one of the main reasons people crave good contents and would basically pay anything to get them. That's why premium paid contents Platforms are springing up daily with some even having the luxury of monopolizing their niche. Platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

These Contents are gathered and sold but what about the contents providers? Do they get enough compensation? Most providers will say No! Is this fair? not at all. These are the reasons contents providers now prefer to set up their own individual platforms which in the long term will reduce the quality of contents they push out. How? These contents quality reduce because they aren't given enough attention. That's just one of the flaws of the Contents Industry. There's the issue faced by the consumers of these contents.

Consumers basically provide data to Platform which in turn helps boost the overall growth of the platforms. Example Facebook uses data from consumers to streamline the advertisements which are shown to them. They make huge amounts from selling these data. But what do the consumers get? basically nothing. This in turn either make consumers provide fake details or don't provide at all. This is putting a strain on data available for researchers etc. There's a Platform that aims to solve these issues. Content Protocol.

Content Protocol.
This is a Platform that is based on the Blockchain aiming to shift the power of content from monopolistic platforms to the hands of consumers and content providers. A brainchild of WATCHA Inc., a Company that has been in existence for about 7 years, with a user base of over 4million, Content Protocol aims to bring that success into the Blockchain industry.

With the Blockchain, Content Protocol will eliminate the huge gap between Platforms, Consumers and Providers. How? By compensating Consumers and rewarding providers. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Consumers by just consuming contents and doing reviews will be rewarded. Imagine getting rewarded for doing what you normally do. Isn't that amazing?

Content providers are also adequately rewarded which in the process also doesn't arise the need for them to sideline their creativity when they're building an independent platform. This will ultimately give a robust Content Industry. A well-detailed overview of this revolutionary project can be found on the Whitepaper and Website.

This Project is widely recognized as a very promising one as can be seen by the list of investors below putting their faith and of course their money on Content Protocol. For you to also be a part of this, visit the ICO Page.

This article isn't in any way investment advice. Please carry your own research and make an informed decision based on facts and your own risk appetite.


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