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As a Forex Trader, I know the importance of a broker (an exchange) in trading. It can either make or mar your trading experience. This is also true with Crypto Exchanges. With the Blockchain gaining more adoption, it is imperative to have a Platform that can provide the environment for newcomers and large investors to trade. Traders are comfortable with Forex trading because of the regulation and safety therein. But with Crypto, most exchanges if not all still aren't regulated which make investors and traders undecided about the safety of their funds. With the cases of exchanges being hacked with no consideration for the traders' assets, anyone would be scared.

The issue of low liquidity is also a major source of concern for traders. This reduces the rate at which assets are traded which is a disadvantage to traders.

The adoption of Cryptocurrencies isn't as widespread as we would like, and as such, there is still the need for traditional means of payment. But most exchanges still don't allow the use of Fiat for buying of crypto assets. This leads to newcomers being at a loss on what to do.

There are cases where issues arise when using an exchange without someone to resolve them. Most exchanges have non-existent customer care which hinders the smooth usage of the exchange. This ultimately results in users losing trust in the system.

Then there's the issue of security of funds. Exchanges are prone to hacks and attacks, because of the huge funds stored in them. New exchanges might not make this a priority and this leaves the safety of traders assets in limbo. These are just a few of the issues facing the Cryptocurrency Exchanges Sector. The IronFX group aims to improve and solve these issues.

This is an Exchange borne out of a partnership between great minds in different financial systems. IronFX a leading giant in the Forex market and EmurgoHK, a global leader in Blockchain technology and creator of Blockchain Cardano and the ADA coin.

IronX Exchange main aim is to make everyone to the Blockchain. Loopholes in exchanges that made newbies seem out of their depths will be plugged. It's a bridge between the traditional financial system and the Blockchain. What are the benefits of IronX Exchange?

  1. Direct access to the IronFX trading platform (FX, CFDs, Shares, Futures, indices, etc). Investors that wish to diversify their assets can directly do so on the exchange platform into any of the assets mentioned above. This is the first time this is happening.

  2. The IronX Exchange aims to be fully regulated which will be users a sense of safety regarding their funds.

  3. IronX Exchange will boast of a higher than most liquidity with an interlinked platform with multiple high profile exchange partners. This you can tell will definitely increase volume in the exchange.

  4. Be assured of instantaneous customer service for all your inquiries. With over 30 languages available and 24/7 live chat options.

  5. Security on the IronX Exchange is set as a priority with audits being welcome from reputable third-party security auditors. Cold storage will be strictly used to safeguard the funds of users. 2fa etc will also be used.

  6. The bridge between both financial worlds where Crypto can be bought using Fiat is made possible by IronX exchange.

These are just a few of the features IronX exchange offers. *More can be found on the website and whitepaper. *

IronX is partnered with EmurgoHK Group and Smartologic Technologies.

IronX will have its platform on Android and iOS systems, Desktops, Tablets, and even MT4 and Webtrader.
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IronX Token.
This will be the native token of the exchange with listing fees being paid exclusively with IRX. Trading fees can be paid either with IRX or other currencies being traded. Paying in IRX although will attract a nice discount on the trading fees.

Holders of IRX will benefit from a whole lot. Like entitlement to personal account management, market updates, etc. There's also the possibility of discounts when using IRX to open a trading account with IronFX group. These are just a few of the benefits holders will enjoy.
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This article is not in any way financial advice. Below are the links where you can research and make an informed decision about investing in this project.
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