Wouldn't it be genius to have shares of a holding company in the form of cryptocurrency? Check this out.

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The blockchain technology is one that is giving the traditional financial system a run for its money. It has a whole lot of benefits that make it arguably better than the traditional financial system. The speed of transactions, transparency, security, borderless transfers and so on. But, with every good thing, there are still some flaws, and the Blockchain has its own share of flaws.

Stability is one of the most sought after feature of any investment opportunity offered to investors. After all, no one would like to lose their assets over a small movement.

The stability is what cryptocurrency lacks at this moment. The volatility is a cause for concern and especially for investors, and I believe this is the main reason the blockchain hasn't been accepted as much yet by big players and organizations. Something must be done about this if the blockchain wants to have a large adoption fate. This is one of the issues BORSER aims to solve.

First and foremost, let me enumerate what BORSER is. BORSER S. A is a holding company. It holds shares of various large companies like;

  • MI Wall Street - A company that provides high-quality financial advice.

  • Crowdfunding - This platform specializes in Crowdfunding for investors. And

  • X - change - This is a platform where traders can exchange their tokens for another, for a very low fee.

Now that we know how large BORSER S.A is, let's delve into the solutions they provide.

BORSER will integrate the three sectors into a whole other dimension to give users of the platform something they desire - STABILITY. The three combined markets have a worth of over $1 trillion. This is a very vast market and there are room and potential for growth. The BORSER cryptocurrency will be backed by shares of BORSER S.A the holding company. This ultimately provides a currency that is stable, what every investor want.

A - Most other if not all cryptocurrencies are very volatile with emotions being the main driving force for the price. With BORSER, it is different because the asset or cryptocurrency is backed by shares in the holding company.

B - BORSER Wil be community driven. With the stability of the cryptocurrency, adoption is a no brainer, and holders will utilize the cryptocurrency which will place more value on it and a wider adoption in the long run.

C - BORSER with the three companies under it gives start-ups, financial markets etc a Reliable platform to go to for their investment solutions and fundraising needs. The exchange fee is one of the lowest around.

D - The BORSER is one of a kind. It is highly scalable and with a market worth over $1 trillion, the sky is the limit.

E - The Borser project team is made up of highly placed professionals with hands-on experience in crypto, financial markets, etc.

The ICO is still on private sale with a price of one BOR being $0.5 which is the lowest it can be gotten. Other stages have prices with the ICO price being $1

This is an exciting project that I personally believe will change how potential users view cryptocurrency. Stability is something every investor should embrace and with Borser being in the forefront for the campaign for the stability of cryptocurrencies, it has placed itself in a potential where it'll be the lead player in years to come. Wouldn't it be genius to have shares of a holding company in the form of cryptocurrency?

For more info please visit
WEBSITE - https://borser.cr/
WHITEPAPER - https://borser.cr/docs/whitepaper.pdf



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