Cryptfunder - funding for all startups and projects

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Cryptfunder - funding for all startups and projects

Welcome all guests friends and readers of my cryptocurrency blog!

This year brought a new problem to a crypto community - in a nutshell it is hard to control the large flow of new ICO that appear leading to a huge amount of fraud and scam projects.
These projects are based on deception of crypto community fund raising a lot of investments and then close the project and flee with investor's money.
This tendency can negatively affect current market and discredit investor's trust and doesn't allow really worthy projects to attract investors.

Today I'm going to present you a new project aiming to solve these problems- Cryptfunder.

Cryptfunder is a decentralized source of cryptocurrency investment into ICO and blockchain companies.
Cryptfunder will give financial support to the projects that are on pre-ICO stage and to other blockchain projects.

Cryptfunder team will invite experts to help them estimate the most promising projects with a high potential value and ROI of their tokens on the market in future judging by the information based on the analysis of team, applicability and usability of their technology.

Cryptfunder will provide staring crypto capital for every crucial stage of any project in exchange for tokens of these projects bought at discount for the pre-ICO price.
Either they can use another methods of lowering price giving possibility for ICO-projects to develop creating their portfolio of new developing cryptocurrencies generating income for all Cryptfunder members.

Cryptfunder projects aims to become power system for progress and technology development.
Cryptfunder team will aim at increasing the income of all CFND token holders sharing all the needed funds to the ICO projects and respectively giving them possibility to gain success via Cryptfunder - decentralized source of investment.

It is truly - Crypto funding via community and for community!

Cryptfunder's aim is to provide funding for selected and verified by Cryptfunder itself ICO startups and give possibility to achieve and gain their highest potential after conducting ICO to realize their goals and facilitate market's growth.

ICO market is growing, new breakthrough and world changing technologies will provide much lucrative possibilities for Cryptfunder project and his participants.

In exchange for financing startups via cryptocurrency Cryptfunder will negotiate with several startups every month about either receiving tokens at the pre-ICO price or receiving part of revenue from ICO procedure therefore increasing amount of CFND tokens and holding tokens of profitable projects that are rising in price later utilizing earned revenue for future investment in the new projects.

Cryptfunder will create token portfolio with highest market potential acquired at a discount price compared to regular investors.
This is the main strategy concerning wealth accumulation with the help of Cryptfunder (CFND) token representing very profitable investment portfolio that can tremendously grow up in relation to the main tokens owned by Cryptfunder.

General principles of Cryptfunder.


Engagement of new funding applicants will be exercised through marketing and another means.
Official Cryptfunder website will receive online-requests where the process of filing request will be fully automated and have a user-friendly interface as a tool of collection of best ICO's request that are in need of funding.

Cryptfuner aims to select the best candidates from the funding ICO's shortlist that are chosen according to their breakthrough technological capabilities and also according to their potential in terms of design and technology.

There will be selected and funded only best crypto companies and crypto projects to provide and secure Cryptfunder at present and as a future repository for valuable tokens.

The process of filing request will occur 100% online.
Login into the system, saving and request processing will be available at any time as required.
tartups that either on the pre-ICO and post-ICO stages will be processed.

To finish the process of filing request to Cryptfunder it will be necessary to fulfill following requirements while uploading: Whitelist or business plan, roadmap or development program, website or landing page.

After receiving confirmation of documents receive the process of filing of request continues and an applicant needs to pay a small fee.
This fee is designed for protection against low-quality projects and signals serious intentions of the applicant.
The fee is charged in cryptocurrency on the Cryptfunder website.
After receiving requests they will be processed.
Verification procedure will be held very closely to select only the highest quality and reliable projects.

To achieve goals of funding potential applicants Cryptfunder will get in contact with ICO projects and concluding bilateral contract between ICO and Cryptfunder therefore entering negotiations.

Cryptfunder will make an agreement with every ICO project concerning terms and concerning the amount of tokens and funding, aims and other conditions depending on the circumstances.

Cryptfunder will utilize special Cryptfunder Escrow for token exchange and financing between two sides.
Cryptfunder escrow would be inner escrow with full documentation.

At first ICO sends tokens to Cryptfunder and only then Cryptfunder sends ICO cryptocurrency.
On the next step documentation is sent both to Cryptfunder and ICO confirming receipt of all sum of tokens for both sides and then is being added to the project's funding documentation.

With the help of its best analytical experts Cryptfunder will be able to estimate the best candidates who deserve funding among numerous applicants.
In exchange for funding Cryptfunder will claim tokens from the project before the ICO stage at reduced price or as a fee on crowdsale.

Selection criteria used for candidate's estimation include potential market value of their technologies, employment of technology and project's team. After candidates being selected funding process starts.

The main aim of ICO and companies funding lies in securing that lack of sufficient funds will not disrupt their success. Companies or startups that want to be reviewed by Cryptfunder can file a request via online Cryptfunder module that possesses a complex process of application procedure to provide seamless and correct application process.


The platform has 3 products: ICO starter, CF30 and ICO productivity modules.

Funding will be provided using Cryptfunder (CFND) token.
Token standard is ERC-20 corresponding to Ethereum base providing transparency and security.
Tokens possess CF smart contract that will be utilized for creating and transferring of tokens after ICO finish and finally for refund to all ICO participants as long as Softcap will be never reached.

Cryptfunder growth and profits.

Cryptfunder aims to wisely use funds to create diverse and optimal crypto portfolio that in time will facilitate growth of Cryptfunder token value on the basis of real market value of steadily growing companies and not on the false pumps.

Initially there will be funded 3-5 ICOs every month and the average funding sum will be around $100 000 USD. Averagely ICO tokens will cost up to $0,50 USD each that means around 200 000 tokens.
Thanks to such rate of funding 48 ICO projects will be financed annually amounting to $4 800 000 USD returning 9,600,000 of tokens.

Since these tokens will be placed in Cryptfunder portfolio cryptocurrency items will be accumulated and increase with the course of time.
Beside that Cryptfunder token value will increase according to projections.
After receiving ICO tokens Cryptfunder aim involves holding these tokens with a view to their future price increase.

Cryptfunder firmly believes that longterm asset-holding is the most prolific way to increase portfolio value and for CFND token holders either.

The strategy of holding is the primary one and in some cases portfolio rebalancing is possible when based on the analysis of investment managers and according to market conditions.
In these cases every realized profit will return to Cryptfunder where the further ways of its utilization will be estimated.

Holding strategy is the best strategy for Cryptfunder and his members.
Besides there are plans to make ICO tokens supply public alongside with input price and purchase price.

All stated above will mean support of existing amount of tokens in Cryptfunder portfolio and thus this will be reflected in the Cryptfunder token price, bringing additional profit to all token holders according to the progress.
It is also planned to increase the volume of monthly project funding more than 3-5 projects according to the process development and benefiting.

Cryptfunder 30 Portfolio (CF30)

Cryptfunder will deposit other tokens that will be purchased on 10% of the Cryptfunder ICO crowdsale gains.
This portfolio will be called "Cryptfunder 30" and will consist of 30 various tokens and list of tokens might change according to the company development.

Portfolio will consist of tokens starting from tokens with high market capitalization, medium market capitalization and low market capitalization but all with high potential profit.
Profit yielded from these tokens during a month will be returned in CF30 for cumulative effect in enhancing portfolio value.
CF30 portfolio growth and increase of its tokens amount will help CF30 portfolio's growth in time together with a growth of CFND token price .
Growth of cryptocurrencies in CF30 can be high enough to support market capitalization compared to ICO tokens in Cryptfunder portfolio that's why Cryptfunder adopts assets diversification approach.
All positions of CF30 Cryptfunder portfolio will be publicly available and publish on Cryptfunder website.

Cryptfunder (CFND) Token

Cryptfunder (CFND) token is decentralized cryptocurrency token used for funding ICO startups, crypto companies or another companies from related industries that want to secure funding for creating necessary infrastructure.

Beside this fact Cryptfunder will help projects after ICO stage in another spheres such as marketing, safety, security, project launch and other technologies and activities that can be required by the project.

Cryptfunder CFND token will have it's own price based on the value of various assets that are stored in Cryptfunder and other factors including following (without limitation to the stated above): Cryptfunder internal assets, ICO startups tokens, CF30 Cryptfunder portfolio and other assets.

Cryptfunder - team and advisors

Cryptfunder team is aiming to secure highest possible stable growth of token's value using selection and financing of the best candidates managing to support the brightest minds and the best projects that are being chosen thus realizing a meaningful contribution to the cryptocurrency market and generating profit for all Cryptfunder participants.

According to the process of development Cryptfunder project will try to search for additional sources of income connected with main business increasing value of CFND token for all holders.

More detailed information about team and advisors of Cryptfunder project could be found on official website and WhitePaper.
You can also find links to the team's personal accounts in social networks.

ICO Details - Token Sale

Total amount of tokens: 40,000,000
For Sale: 20,000,000
Ticker: CFND
Price: 1 ETH = 333 CFND
Duration: 45 days ending on 8 July 2018
Softcap: 6000 ETH
Hardcap: 60000 ETH
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)


ICO funds allocation:

• 50% - ICO startups funding;

• 20% - Operational costs and management;

• 15% - Legal spend;

• 10% - Marketing, advertising and PR promotion;

• 5% - Developers.

Why you should invest in Cryptfunder:

1. Safety

The platform implemented means to provide safety during pre-ICO and post-ICO stages through performing self-certification and self-rating and performing independent audits by third party companies.
Cryptfunder also accepted employment of software that will guarantee the absence of security violations such as hacking and DDoS attacks.
his will also guarantee that applicant's data and investor's tokens will be in safety.

2. Funding

Cryptfunder will finance blockchain projects that deserve it at the same time making positive impact on cryptocurrency itself.
Due to the projects funding the cryptocurrency market in general implements security, value and legitimacy making investment in portfolio very profitable at the same time benefiting the whole crypto community.

3. Token

In exchange for funding Cryptfunder receives plethora of tokens before ICO for discount price that in turn takes a long time to maximize the growth and value of Cryptfunder token.

4. Portfolio

CF30 token portfolio will consist of the best tokens chosen by the platform.
The value of portfolio will increase in time because Cryptfunder will be the main token holder.
Due to these measures such as cold storage and long-term holding this will ensure the safety of tokens in portfolio.

5. Reduction of ICO failures.

Cryptfunder platform came to the decision and made steps to ensure successful ICO launch.
It will also act as a consulting agency for startups regarding risks they may run into during the ICO launch procedure.


Cryptfunder is a revolutionary utility token for ICO startups around the world.
Cryptfunder is a decentralized source of funding in the crypto community.
In exchange for funding Cryptfunder will receive tokens at the pre-ICO price at a discount or buyout money (percent of revenues from ICO).
Cryptfunder selects and funds the best of the best filtering from different variants and candidates choosing the most breakthrough technologies of ICO startups.
Mentioned above will give Cryptfunder token (CFND) capacity to gain success in future.
In addition to tokens received from startups Cryptfunder will have CF30 Portfolio consisting of 10% of funds raised during ICO therefore adding more value to Cryptfunder token.

Cryptfunder is ready to break already formed rules and standards in the industry and become a main source of funding for ICO startups and cryptocurrency companies providing required funding during all stages starting from pre-ICO and ICO stages to post-ICO and release of project stages.
This will provide Cryptfunder with an extensive range of assets and possibilities adding more value to Cryptfunder token and establishing Cryptfunder as an important asset into crypto community in 2018 and further.


More information about the project:

Written by aggress0r

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I think the Internet space needs such a valuable project! It will give the opportunity to many investors and crypto traders to choose projects and investment tools more carefully!

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Всечатляющий проект, команда старается, сборы идут полным ходом

Great project!

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Interested in the project, thank you for the review, perhaps I will join and take part.

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There are very famous team in this project! Great article!

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Very ambitious project!

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Отличная работа! Так держать!

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