What makes Delicia project unique?

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What makes Delicia project unique?


Once again there appears another project on the cryptocurrency market that can outscore all previous projects due to its tremendous idea!
The idea of this project appeared due to the CEO of the project Naresh Mareedu who is anxious about the problem of loss and waste of food and products.

So please meet Delicia project.


Delicia platform is one of the kind decentralized food value chain created for restaurants and chains of fast food outlets and restaurants chains working using AI (artificial intelligence) and blockchain.

The main aim of the project is optimizing the usage and utilization of food products, removal of food wastage by enabling the access and availability of quality food and products for everyone.

How did the idea of creating such service appear?

According to the recent article published by Harvard Business Review, world's population throughout 20 Century increased by 4 times. United Nations organization evaluated that by 2050 world's population can reach 9.7 billion of people and the food demand is expected to increase from 59% for today to 98% by 2050.

Since the agricultural sector needs time to reorganize for increasing his the production of food and output yield a disastrous economical situation can occur adding a high probability of food supply problem.

Everybody needs the solution that could optimize and increase the utilization of already produced food.
Restaurant owners and food retailers all around the world doing their best to cut and bridge the gap between food supply and food demand so presently we don't have overproduction specialized on perishable foods but on the other hand there is no unmet demand for this either.
According to NRA (National Restaurant Association):

The main barrier to the recover of food production system is absence of technological infrastructure for managing supply and demand efficiency. Nowadays nearly 40% of foods produced in the USA are dumped in the landfill and food waste remain the main component of municipal solid waste in the USA. Billions of dollars are lost in the global food production that is never utilized.


Food wastage and loss combined together composing $680 billion in the industrially developed countries and $310 billion in other countries. World Economic Forum measured food waste per capita and loss kg per year over the 2018 and the results are not optimistic at all.

But why such huge food losses occur?

The reasons of food losses vary depending on the location.
The estimation of food quality and products appropriate for human consumption is strict in the developed countries. But in developing economies the reasons of food losses are: poor food storage conditions and infrastructure, lack of expertise, ignorance and other cultural and social factors that play important role.
As explained by Chris Cochran - executive director of ReFED:

Food waste is $18,2 billion available for product retailers why not to try to turn it into a business.

What can Delicia team do about it?

Delicia team is creating general decentralized food and grocery network that is going to revolutionize the route from retailers to food supplies and restaurant owners allowing to maximize this process.


This project offers real time search for excessive supply of food in restaurants and grocery stores helping them to direct it for people in need at a reduced price.

The system provides and guarantees full-time credibility and trust for retailers as long as they addressing excessive food to those who are in need while they are provided with an easy access to reasonably priced quality foods and groceries.

This network will be powered by blockchain with an application on board based on artificial intelligence in order to search for available good quality foods for clients all over the world specified by their geographic position.
Efforts are been taken to tokenize this blockcain ecosystem based on Ethereum blockchain having a multi-purpose utility token - DFT (Delicia Food Token).

Delicia food network provides quality foods at reasonable prices for people at convenient locations for them including restaurants and food outlets.
This so far stimulates food supply and equals it to actual demand without food wastage therefore improving general food economy and food security.
It unites customers and retailers of foods and groceries on the platform without interfering with people and various processes and enables them to safely share their goods only with application users and thoroughly plan where and how to address foods in case of expected losses.

How the project is planned to be running and what technologies will the team apply?

Delicia project is working on blockchain technology using multi-purpose utility token named DFT.
It revolutionizes non-cash ecosystem allowing clients to utilize their DFT tokens for paying on food markets, bars and restaurants with the help of free and convenient Delicia application.
On the other hand the retailers can use application and Delicia gateway to log in and publish foods available in storage and foods that are approaching their expiration date or their excessive supplies depending on the case.
Delicia application serves as a search service and individual search service for foods, people and restaurants.

4 stages of project operation are planned.

Each stage is aimed at development and optimization of the project where each stage is essential stage of development.
Potential customers sharing the same location with retailers who registered with the service will receive notifications at any time when the food list is updated by the retailers. Retailer's lists could also be customized and prioritized.
The customer can visit retailer and buy directly goods with DFT tokens.
Any buyer may search for various goods available with various retailers and make a purchase request. As there are no cash or credit cars available only DFT token will be served to process payments.
Due to the blockchain all transactions will be tracked and saved and also blockchain would allow to search for a customer or a retailer in real time. Minimum fee for every transaction in DFT tokens will be charged from the retailer.

Delicia tokens allocation


Why does Delicia aim at this exact market?

The volume of the global food market in 2016 was 1.7 trillion US dollars and as expected will grow to 3 trillion US dollars in 2020. At the same time the global retail payments industry was worth 16 trillion US dollars in 2015. It is expected to grow to 21 trillion US dollars by 2020.

The majority of the supply chain members complain about the absence of transparency and trust from the other party.
Using Delicia blockchain network restaurant owners could have direct connection with end customers.
The same pattern would make available more information on foods they provide and the market will constantly grow. In addition - online orders and restaurant-specific application will help to increase the demand for foods and groceries data.
Today customers are ready to pay big money for foods and groceries they prefer to consume.
Smart menus could be connected in the real time mode with foods and groceries blockchain to provide actual history of all specific products that are being used on specific day.
This could lead to the ultimate step or pinnacle of the foods personalization.

Nowadays top-class restaurants utilize the route of direct supply from farms but they are probably too small to use this pattern when the expansion takes place.
Medium size rapidly growing outlets and numerous established companies appearing in the major USA cities downtowns receive profit even when their quality leaves much to be desired.

Delicia blockchain project was created to revolutionize and find a solution to the issue of food loss and food wastage and it's management.

And what about DFT token and service fee?

Delicia project believes in the future bloom of digital assets and currency that they will definitely have widespread acceptance in the next few years gradually substituting fiat currencies.

Marcus Schenck co-head of Deutsche Bank investment bank stated that private bank accounts might become outdated and digital wallets are going to take their spot.
That's why DFT tokens will be utilized in the project also to prove that digital currencies is the future and we are one step closer to it.

Delicia Funds Allocation


Delicia will charge significantly lower fee from the retailer than traditional payment gateways.
Average fee for traditional payment gateway is between 1,5% - 3% for transaction.
Delicia Food token will be Ethereum based token.
Token is a digital asset that has value by itself based on it's underlying asset, property and associated rights.

Ethereum-based tokens rely on a Ethereum network that has plethora of advantages:

  • Security and predictability (unlike for example the necessity to launch an independent blockchain network).
  • Utilization of reliable and well-supported clients (Ethereum-based tokens can be managed through official Ethereum clients).
  • Extremely high liquidity (can be replaced with other Ethereum-based tokens or Ether itself). Ethereum-based tokens conform to the all general standards but can be expanded to support another broad standards in the future.

Delicia team vision includes client-oriented approach and success in every function listed in Delicia project.

With such great set of skills Delicia could provide innovations and financial value.





What other advantages Delicia can provide?

  • Retailers can publish foods and groceries they are specialized in and also provide additional characteristics as available discounts, prices and product information.

Such information can also be utilized for advertising of their own project and for intending buyers in order to subscribe and watch. This information can also be managed by Delicia analytics for reasoned valuation concerning customer's choice, foods and groceries, quality indicators and consumption level that are necessary for optimization.

  • Customers will have an opportunity to estimate retailers after every single deal.

Such ratings could be utilized by system to present performance and quality of a restaurant including their efficiency to facilitate the mission of minimization of food loss and wastage.
Customers can look through all the retailer's ratings including comments and feedbacks from previous clients.

  • Retailers as well as customers could also create trusting relationship with their clients.

They can browse through their purchases, rate and evaluate their customers and share comments.

  • One more important advantage is that any customer whether individual or group can sign up in Delicia food network.

-Customers can also use Delicia food application to view restaurants and other food outlets.

To select specific restaurant or food outlet they can additionally watch list of offers and discounts retailer provides including happy hours.

In the conclusion I'd like to say that investors should mark and notice this not only convenient and user friendly project but also pay attention to it particular usefulness to the environment.

Project sources:

Website: https://delicia.io/
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3302881.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Delicia_DFT
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Delicia-359351571225971
Whitepaper: https://delicia.io/delicia_wp.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/deliciaDFT

Written by aggress0r


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