Decentralized is the way to go

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Throughout my journey over the last 18 months, I've spoken a lot about how the decentralized nature of blockchain could revolutionise the way people interact with each other. How the ability to send data transparently and securely from one destination to another, via lightning fast speeds will be the future. And, why I truly am in love with this technology, I feel for it even as much as that last Rolo… okay almost.

One such project, the Friendup Cloud OS, could revolutionise the way people engage with cloud-based computing systems. Erasing the boundaries drawn by existing services, and with ease. We all love telling every soul on the planet about how the ‘Five Pillars’ of Friend (Freedom, Intelligence, Empowerment, Privacy & Integration) will make their tech secure and super powerful.

But why is a decentralized system the way forward?

I know a lot of you will know the benefits of decentralization as a whole, that’s why I’m going to dive more into the reasons why this structure is so potent when applied to cloud-based operating systems.

In summary, whether you are an individual, a workforce, an educational body, a Sudoku creator or a government office, Friend enables all of us to come together and never have to wait for that edit permission to be given, or that email to arrive with the attachment missing.

This is the 21st Century, it’s now time our technology matched the ambitions.


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