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Businesses (or companies) going out of existence are never actually the intent of the owners. When such an event arises and it is beyond the capacity of their owners, shutting down usually turns out to be the option.

Most of these businesses do not usually go into extinction completely, they are sold out and the necessary logistics are put together to bring them back and running.

The Merger and Acquisition (M&A) marketplace, is a clinic to resuscitate dead businesses or the ones on a lifeline. At the M&A marketplace, businesses of various kinds that have suffered one setback or the other are put up for sale to an interested person to purchase.

Again, depending on the terms of the contract, not all business are been sold off, rather the go into partnership with other companies for their survival in the competitive market.


No doubt that the Merger and Acquisition marketplace has given hope to various sizes of businesses and it has recorded huge success.

Like the central bank, it has shown to be the last hope for companies of various sizes.

As though these triumph recorded may seem, it has its own underlined challenges in terms of the processes involved in the transfer of ownership or partnership with other companies.

The existing M&A marketplace structure has been unable to fix these challenges which are to the disadvantage of either party.

Some of these challenges:

Every business has a price value. The cost of selling off a business varies from individuals and therefore, for a buyer, he needs the foresight to ensure the money he is paying should be worth the value of business either now or in the future. For the seller, the prize money is his concern. There is always this conflict in reaching an agreement.

This is the transfer of the right of ownership and as such, the protocols involved can be tasking. Others include, Paperwork, exchange of confidential documents, transfer of businesses transaction, business evaluation, amongst others is a challenging task. They don't all happen in a day.

The M&A marketplace is a large one and therefore, sourcing for buyers, most trusted one, is that not that so easy. Sellers need to build connections, make contacts with the hope of meeting the right buyer sooner


The need to find a solution to the challenges in the existing M&A structure, the LEXIT project was innovated.

The LEXIT ( #LEXITco )project is a Blockchain powered project that aims to decentralize the existing structure. Also, it will create a system that is trustless and transparent in all transactions in the system.

Sellers will not have to worry about the integrity of buyers or those they go into partnership with. The buyers will have a certainty of a positive return of their purchase or partnership.

On the LEXIT platform, all companies that want to be sold are brought to the platform, accessed and charged a minimal fee to be listed and rated on the platform for biding. Whoever wins in the bid will be taken to deal room where the transaction will be sealed.

Usually, intellectual property transfer takes a very long period to complete, but with the LEXIT platform, the process will be facilitated and completed much earlier than the traditional process.

On the platform, the LEXIT token (LXT token) will be the official currency that will be used for all transactions.


Token Name: LXT

Platform: Ethereum

Token Price: 1 LXT = 0.00083 ETH

Accepting: ETH

Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH

Hard cap: 30,000 ETH

Minimum Investment: 0.01 ETH

Country: Estonia

In summary, LEXIT project is the first of its kind project and with its uniqueness will be the solution to all the challenges experienced at M&A marketplace.

For more information, visit

Website: https://www.lexit.co

Whitepaper: https://lnkd.in/gYinkec

Twitter: https://lnkd.in/gbbmHZK

Facebook: https://lnkd.in/ghCRe4W

Telegram: https://t.me/LEXITco/

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