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Catena is a decentralized commercial platform that exploits the destructive power of blockchain technology to change the global business economy. In the last 30 years, world trade has grown significantly both in terms of volume and turnover. Although this has improved the lives of many people, this sector still faces challenges that hamper its implementation. This is a problem that aims to complete the exchange of the chain. The Chain management team is made up of experienced professionals and extensive experience in the fields of commerce, production, technology, quality control, etc

Market overview

Over the years, trade has contributed significantly to the growth and development of most countries in the world. Worldwide exports of goods have increased by over 32% since 2006, exceeding $ 16 billion last year. Likewise, exports of commercial services increased by 64% to $ 4.8 billion. United States
Likewise, the extraordinary growth of world trade in goods is largely based on production and agricultural products. Catena believes that the introduction of new technologies will further stimulate this development

Problems solved by the Platfrom

The biggest problem in this sector is the high prevalence of fraud. At this time, the fraud report loses $ 4 billion a year, mainly due to the vulnerability of the existing infrastructure. As a consequence, the competent institutions are often forced to declare bankruptcy or, in the most serious cases, to stop altogether. In general, most scammers create open accounts, buy goods and services, but leave payments. In addition to fraud, the commercial sector is also concerned about problems in the supply chain. These problems include losses, corruption, poor transport infrastructure, delays in delivery, etc

AI solution

First of all, the chain's trading platform will try to eliminate entry barriers and solve global trade problems. By providing a platform for small and medium-sized businesses, Catena will focus on providing powerful tools to help develop the global business market. Although the platform architecture is mainly based on distributed recording technology, it also includes aspects of artificial intelligence.

Naturally, decentralized exchanges are difficult to determine because of their complexity. However, the most obvious advantage of this platform is its independence, as they do not require third party maintenance to safeguard investor funds. Conversely, conversations are directly facilitated between users using the Chain platform. This, combined with the preservation of the block chain, makes transactions transparent and secure from fraud.

The ICO Details

Catena will make a token sale to raise funds for this project. The chain token is a standard ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total offer is limited to 250 million euros and no additional tokens will be made. In particular, chain tokens will be the only acceptable currency in the chain ecosystem

Effective trading platform (ETP)

ETP (Efficient Trading Platform) is designed to use blockchain technology to support the company's overall growth and exceed its core objectives. ETP is a platform that can handle all aspects of trade between buyers and sellers orders before implementation, a platform that provides all the associated parameters stems from the direct experience of developers to provide a flexible and powerful business platform can meet a variety of products and services: cryptocurrency, digital power source, raw materials and equipment for global trade

The features of ETP include,

  • false impossibility

  • Disintermediation and portability.

  • Transparency and ease of revision.

  • A quick and flexible way to negotiate purchase and sale orders.

  • decentralization

  • Efficient execution of orders with intelligent leveling of contracts.

  • An all-in-one smart contract that includes all the parties involved in the business

ETP is an expert system that includes the prerequisites for each exchange rate set by buyers / resellers and puts them in order, which opens up the possibility of having more buyers and distributors for similar requests / contracts, as this could coordinate the seller requests for an MOQ significant (minimum number of applications) with different buyers and explain the specific parameters of the storage system according to the preset needs, choose a variety of alternative transport, run, make a single executable file that can pass the course of travel exchanges
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