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One of the most important branches of our time is logistics, because thanks to it, people can receive goods on time and enjoy all the benefits of civilization. However, this area is far from perfect. First of all, this is due to the fact that most of the processes in logistics are related to human factors and paper work, due to which the delivery of goods is not always quick and rather expensive. To correct the current situation today is possible due to the technology of Blockchain. Thanks to this technology, ordinary consumers can track goods from the store to the factory, which in turn provides them with a guaranteed purchase of original products. At the same time, the number of counterfeit products decreases, due to which many companies can reduce the cost of their products, Naturally, such solutions already exist on the market. However, they all have certain disadvantages. The most important of these is the lack of a simple and understandable interface that allows the consumer to check the process of delivery of goods with little effort. Second, but no less significant, is the lack of a global platform for tracking all types of goods, since most of the Blockchain solutions that exist today are focused on high-value products and jewelry. The third disadvantage is the lack of responsibility, which is manifested in the desire of each company to shift responsibility to another participant in the supply chain in damage or poor quality of the goods
To achieve justice, reduce excess costs, as well as to ensure the ease of use of technology Blockchain will allow a new project called EndChain

Objective of the project

  • Among the main goals of the developers of this project should be highlighted
  • speeding up the communication process between all participants in the supply chain
  • ensuring the most comfortable use of Blockchain technology in logistics
  • increasing the efficiency and transparency of the delivery of goods
  • Providing the ability to track goods on any part of the supply chain

Principle of operation

The implementation of all of the above will be carried out by using a unique QR code for EndChain, which is combined with a bar code. This technology allows us to provide simplicity and efficiency for all network participants, which include,

  • large corporations
  • the shops
  • buyers

By scanning this code with the help of a special application, each network participant can obtain information about the manufacturer, as well as about the persons who were engaged in the delivery of a product, even if it was sold by the first owner in the secondary market

Through the use of Blockchain technology, the information entered by the manufacturer and each participant in the supply chain will be protected from the possibility of making changes. In addition, the system will implement a specialized network for communication between manufacturers and transport companies, thanks to which it will be possible in time to receive data on problems with a particular product and in time to connect with the responsible person in specific place

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