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To date, the use of blockchains allow you to simplify the set of everyday processes. What we do every day and absolutely do not think about what process it is going through. One of these processes is delivery of goods. EndChain intends to capture every sector of the supply chain, including the market for used cars. This project allows its users, using blockade, to track even daily goods. Additional functions for communication between the supply chains and allow you to create additional chains, further enhance the relevance of the product for the supply chain. Endchain is a program that will change the way an organization performs across the entire industry in a cost-effective way. EndChain offers a complete and cost-effective logistics package that benefits all parties in the supply chain. While most tokens are used to recycle high-end products, EndChain focuses on the market with a low and medium market - an area that has been ignored for too long. EndChain can enter this market because of its ease and efficiency with other tokens targeting expensive NFC chips or manual input

How does the platform work?

The platform uses the EndChain QR Code. It is unique in that it includes a barcode in the QR code. This design makes it easy to use, since EndChain users will know how to scan only the code found on the package. Other companies that rely on out-of-date barcode technology will be able to scan the built-in barcode. Thus, the EndChain QR Code creates a special code for working with any type of system. An additional advantage is that one code can be updated as a block chains, as well as any internal outdated systems with one scan. This activity is aimed at reducing complexity and increasing efficiency
A compact company can only be as strong as its economy. EndChain strives both for its corporate users and investors. In order to meet the needs of both, a deflationary self-regulated economy will be used. Corporations will be encouraged to buy and maintain EndChain tokens for purchasing QR codes, contracting, and accessing data streams. The fees associated with these functions will be "burned down" to reduce the number of tokens. If the market value of EndChain remains unchanged, the price of individual tokens will increase

The Token Details

To succeed, the token needs a thriving market. Tokens that are not used do not have any purpose for investors. In addition, tokens, which do not have a constant number of buyers, create volatile prices. That's why EndChain has focused on providing a lively marketplace by engaging companies to buy EndChain tokens. Using our tokens, companies can receive a discount on our QR codes, large data and smart contracts. If the market for EndChain is suppressed, more orders will be required to pay for each order. When more tokens are used, more will be burned; thus increasing the price to achieve equilibrium. As a result, it is safer to keep EndChain for a long time since there are safeguards against price cuts. Thus, EndChain will have the system itself an adjustment

ICO details

  • Token name: ENCN
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO price: 0.2400 USD
  • Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
  • Soft cap: 4 000 000 USD
  • Hard cap: 15 000 000 USD

The project is quite interesting in its kind with a strong skilled team, I advise you to keep this project on your radar

For More Information Visit:

Website: https://www.endchain.io/

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5055264.new#new

Whitepaper: https://www.endchain.io/assets/whitepaper/1543145606EndChain+English+Whitepaper+Final+Version+11252018.pdf

Telegram : http://t.me/endchainIO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EndChainIO/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EndChainIO

Author details
Bitcointalk profile Username : Cryp123 (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1231843)


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