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The world of digital technologies and communications makes it possible to earn on the placement and distribution of any content. But not all users know about the existence of such an opportunity, and those who know, often benefit in a small amount. If we take, for example, the music industry, then due to the activities of intermediaries, the direct creators of music content work a lot, and receive much less than intermediaries. It is believed that intermediaries should represent the interests of content creators and distribute emerging materials. In fact, everything happens in our time in a different way: copyright rights are violated, the principle of openness with respect to information disseminated and remuneration of labor, an unfair system of remuneration for the creative people is not observed
In addition to the above, there is another problem related to the interaction of the creators of music compositions and their listeners. On the Internet there is a lot of different material associated with music, the activity of intermediary organizations of various kinds is also strong, so often valuable and unique content is lost. After all, it often happens that intermediary organizations determine the degree of suitability of a musical creation and do it not always objectively

What problems are on the agenda in the music industry?

  • Centralization does not provide the needs of the creators of music
    content (let's call them authors). Most authors are accustomed
    to seek help from any intermediaries. But due to the development
    of the IT sphere, this habit has become a
    big problem for authors : licensing rules and copyrights
    , low level of income from created creativity are violated . To get a
    fair payment for their work, the authors succeed extremely rarely.
    It should also be noted that intermediary organizations often
    pay very little talented, but little-known authors, by deception,
    as this is profitable for organizations, and they can escape punishment for
    such actions
  • The communicative side of the music industry. At present,
    music has become very accessible to its listeners. But in order
    to develop the music industry, there must
    be a certain level of interaction between authors and

The proposed way out

Decentralization of music content in its industry. So, such a project as "Imusify" with the help of a combination of innovative types of protocols and frameworks suggests to establish direct active and two-way interaction of authors and fans, as well as other third parties. The project uses the most advanced tools in the field of streaming data, sharing content and data, social networks, etc. When referring to the project, no intermediary is needed, and problems connected with the involvement of intermediaries can be solved without problems. The principle of fair pay for the creators of content is proclaimed, and new types of cooperation are offered, stimulation of the authors' activity and much more

About the project "Imusify"

Within the framework of the project "Imusify" it is planned to eliminate all the difficulties that arise with the authors of music content. First of all, conditions will be created for communication between authors and their fans, as well as other interested users. However, there is a solution to the problems associated with the activities of intermediary organizations

"Imusify" and "Blockchain": what is the connection?

The project "Imusify" will "take" the best tools of the "Blockchain" platform, with the help of which there is no need for the existence of intermediary firms. Remuneration for the work performed will be fair, copyright and licensing procedures will be respected.
The interface in the project "Imusify" is simple to understand and use, and to work with smart contracts, the user does not need much knowledge and skills. A programming language called "Neopython" will also be used. "Imusify" seeks to revolutionize the music industry

Possibilities of Imusify

The opportunities provided by the Imusify project include:

  • The presence of an audio player through which all
    kinds of music content (songs, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) will be downloaded to the
    platform and their subsequent distribution.
  • The technology "Curate", thanks to which the authors can easily transfer
    their music content to the platform and then share it with other
  • An easy way to instantly create and share music
    playlists on the platform. And users will vote for those or
    other placed materials, supporting good content and contributing to the
    elimination of bad. For such actions, all users will receive
    "IMU" tokens , and on "Imusify" there will always be only approved
    content of good quality.
  • Channels with playlists. The user can establish his own
    channel and register the appropriate tags there and mark the classification
    by themes, and also attract people and subsequently limit the circle of
    persons who will have access to this channel.

Tokens "IMU" and the financial side of "Imusify"

The previously mentioned tokens are used within the framework of the decentralized system support system created by the Imusify project itself. The demand for a token will grow as the software develops and the distribution of this or that music content to Imusify. Within the support system, there are remunerations and compensations. Token can be used also as a currency when acquiring a particular service, as well as for forming trust and open relations between all users in Imusify

What do I need to do to get IMU tokens in Imusify?

Part of the tokens can be obtained after participating in a token, where the developers will try to attract sponsors and demonstrate all the possibilities of Imusify. To become a participant of a token, you need to get on the appropriate list and get approval. The volume of the next batch of released tokens will depend on how successfully the token will pass and how much support the platform developers will receive.

Advantages of the project "Imusify"

  • The system "Crowdfund", through which users can provide
    support for the author of the favorite content.
  • Tokens to support your favorite author on "Imusify", which you need
    to pass on to such an author.
  • The opportunity to get acquainted with completely new musical
    compositions. On the platform of the project will be laid out a great
    variety of musical materials, everyone can find something
    new to their liking.
  • Ensuring an appropriate level of cooperation between authors and other
    persons, in case of necessity of such
  • Possibility to get pleasant bonuses, for example, to get tickets for
    concerts of little-known music performers. In this way,
    little-known authors try to gain popularity, spread
    their music content and acquire fans on the
    platform territory . It should be noted that
    only users of the platform can get tickets in this case .
  • Imusify users can "win" bonuses from the administration of the
    project "Imusify" for actively using their tokens to
    express support for the authors. After all, the creators of the project are trying to
    fill this platform with standing, popular and advanced material, and
    people (users themselves) can help them in this. After all, "bad"
    content is easy to recognize thanks to all the same users and
    subsequently deleted. Also worth noting is that the
    developers of Imusify are making every effort to develop their
    creations and attract new sponsors.

The Conclusion

"Imusify" is a new level and a new word in the music industry. Now there is no need to contact the intermediaries, you just need to understand the tools and interface of Imusify and start acting. The activities of intermediary organizations in the music sphere should gradually come to naught, and the work of the authors will be paid in fairness.
If the author is talented and little known, he gets a chance to gain the trust of listeners on the platform and gain popularity, which will create new music content and delight all users

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