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Karatcoin has a serious vision, and the mission of the world unites crypto-currency, which is completely centralized and decentralized and becomes a major organization with complex organizations. The goal of participants in various projects on the market, including continued growth, Karatkoyn approached the champion and developed extraordinary and advanced efforts to overcome obstacles in this area. " Karatcoin ", covered with precious metals "gold", is unique in this sector as the best digital currency in the world, called "trade and trade". As a result, the higher the coefficient of the color coefficient, the greater the gold mining in the mine and the costs increase

Make it legal as a customer or user

In many parts of the world, gold is the most valuable resource in the world, where currencies are valued from time to time, and in many countries, such as the USA, Germany, Italy, etc., are very important. Therefore, it is necessary to re-design the project and establish this platform and promise to offer a secure platform with unlimited bandwidth

Market analysis

Blockchain technology has changed the traditional currency to ensure the production of decentralized digital currencies. The introduction of Bitcom with the character of Karatcoin led a revolution in the world and became the gold standard. Although some suppliers are associated with reputation problems, the recognition of cryptographic turbines in the community creates problems. The general transition to the digital currency is slow, and this innovative technology is not being used in the best possible way. The chain of blocks is greater than one side of the cryptographic transformation. Blockchain technology has several applications, simplifies business processes and transaction processing, guarantees transparency and security, eliminates centralized intermediation and reduces transaction costs. However, the commercial model, based on block-chain technology, largely depends on a stable energy source

Key Features of the Project

There is no geographical limit

The first important characteristic of the Karatcoin is that gold becomes a silver figure, it can be used in any country. This shows that transportation taxes and associated taxes are minimized, not processed and not limited (https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale)

Gold physical store

You can put the physical resources of gold in the dealer network and store them in the pocket of the karate chain as a gold certificate. Gold is not protected by political influence, it preserves and increases its value over time

The consent of DPOS

Instead of paying money to minors, it is used for the benefit of stakeholders. This means less test time (10 seconds), lower power consumption and greater security

Real activities

Karatcoin is superior to other cryptographic currencies. This is due to the fact that the block is indirectly related to the resources that they actually have

Impairment with fixed income

Gold certificate is a reliable investment. Our certificate includes two semi-annual coupons with an income of up to 6%

Use of gold in Minsk

Participate in active results of funds allocated to individual mines, and choose gold mines for financing (https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale)

How Does Karatcoin work?

Karatkoyin is trying to solve all the above problems. The main functions of the ecosystem are the following

Direct reference to the gold mine

The Karatkon platform connects directly to the gold mine. Karatkoyn says he has already chosen a mine number based on "skills, background, structural reliability, financial evaluation". Karatkoi insists that there is no intermediary in this process. They invest in gold mines. In fact, Karatcoin creates decentralized applications in the gold market, offers gold traders and traders the ability to label the same metal under a cryptographic marker and create a market with a liquid stable.

The application on the gold market processes the following functions

  • Communicate directly with the block on the Internet
  • Manage your gold products
  • Confirm transaction chai
  • Vote to choose a gold mine
  • There are 50 encryption sources available
  • 85 currencies supported
  • Live trade
  • High speed execution
  • 10 Technical indicator
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Latest news
  • SHA512 secure encryption
  • Multiplatform


Karatcoin creates a decentralized application in the gold market and offers gold traders and suppliers the ability to label the same metal with the same cryptographic indicator and create a very liquid and stable market

KaratCoin Bank

The cryptography of the karate gold coin has anticipated the innovation of cryptographic innovations. Harald Seiz, CEO of Karatbars International, announced that he will open Karatcoin Bank as one of the world's first cryptographic banks. Karatgold Coin, published by Karatbars in the ICO of March 2018, is already different from the other CIOs, as it was the first cryptographic violation in the world supported by gold
He says: "Karatbars has acquired a fully licensed bank, fully operational in mid-June with Miami." "The name of the bank is Karatcoin Bank, which is one of the first cryptographic banks in the world with a full license."

The creation of the Karatkoyn bank is an important component of the Karatbara plan for the development of Karatbar coins in the main payment system. The license is very important to achieve this goal. Karatcoin Bank provides not only security and support for the currency itself. Owners can use the Karatgold coin as a payment method to meet Karatcoin's needs. Karatgold coin holders can use Karatgold coins and Pacific currencies because they can directly access banking services via encryption. The main disadvantage of other existing encrypted messages, such as bit coins, is that the holder does not have enough opportunity to use it as a switching tool. Bitcoin technology opens a phenomenal door for technological innovation that replaces a peaceful currency, but before you can deposit it in a bank, you have to change it for weekdays. In the case of bit coins, this is a widespread obstacle

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