KaratCoin ( KTC ) – Innovative Gold Certificate Exchange Platform

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Karatcoin is a cryptocurrency project where you can exchange gold certificates for the etherium blockchain, See the current mechanism in our review

What is Karatcoin KTC?

Karatcoin symbolizes the gold certificate in the Ethereum blockchain. Cash coupons can be stored in regular Ethereum bags using Karatcoin. At this time, the creator of Karatcoin wants to create a new economy that not only scans gold certificates, but also distributes financial services, distributed applications, and so on. All these services use Karatcoin as a token. This platform was developed by the Italian music exchange service known as Dreamy. Let's take a closer look at Karatcoin’s mechanism (https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale)

What problem did Karatcoin try to solve?

Karatcoin is experiencing some problems in the gold market today. These are some of the problems described in the Karatcoin whitepaper

Difficulty finding gold

The Karatcoin whitepaper explains that we can see the necessary gold reserves. They have enough gold reserve also getting enough gold to restore market demand

Bond Value

The bond market has historically led to poor returns.

The gold storing is complicated

It is not easy to save money. Many investors do not create an adequate security system to protect money

How Does Karatcoin Work?

Karatcoin tries to solve all the problems mentioned above. Some of the main functions of the ecosystem are as follows

Direct reference to the gold mine

The Karatcoin platform is directly connected to the gold mine. Karatkoyn said that several mines selected according to "skills, background, reliability of structures and financial qualifications". Karatkoyn states that there is no intermediary in this process.

Binding performance of 5-6%

Karatkoyn publishes the "Karatkoyn Gold Certificate" with a different period. These bonds will yield a return of 5-6% depending on the period. For example, bonds pay an annual return of 5% per year and 5 years pay a return of 6% per annum. Returns are paid every 6 months until expiration.

Smart contract

Transactions between Karatcoin and investors are managed through smart contracts. The Karatcoin white paper contains gold mining projects in South America and Africa. White papers do not include certain companies or mines in some countries. This is just a list of the major gold producers in both regions. In principle, Karatcoin saves money for you, and this gold can be digitized through products such as gold cards and cash coupons

Karatcoin products

Karatcoin offers three main products, including certificates, cards and tokens (https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale)

Gold Certificate

Karatkoyn the coupon, the information on the confirmation of the authorization (software) is loaded permanently into a distributed database. This gold certificate has a fixed period and a fixed income. Each Gold Asset certificate is $ 1,000

Golden Card

The PoA Gold Resource Card contains information about the software that is permanently loaded into a distributed database

Karatcoin Tokens (KTC)

KTC is Karatcoin's digital currency platform. Each token will be worth $ 3 in gold. You can buy cash certificates with KTC, buy gold cards or change other cryptographic currencies

The KaratCoin KTC Token Sale

Karatcoin's sales consist of pre-sales and large cloud valleys. The pre-sale is a private sale only for authorized investors. This sale will take place in the first quarter of 2018 for 15 days. Meanwhile, crowdsale will begin the 30th day after the end of pre-sales. It will last 30 days. Bonuses are available in ICO, but total sales of 15 million pieces will be sold for $ 3 in pre-sales and smart trading

The Team

Karatcoin is developed by Dreammy. The company is a musical hosting platform based in Italy. Dreammy is headed by co-founder Simon Orso and Claudia Busato. Dreammy was founded in 2014, and the Karatcoin project was launched in June 2017

Market Analysis

Blockchain's technology has transformed traditional currencies to ensure the production of decentralized digital currencies. The introduction of Bitcom with the character of Karatkoyn brings revolution to the world and becomes the gold standard. Although some suppliers are associated with reputation problems, the recognition of cryptographic turbines among the public causes difficulties. The general transition to the digital currency is slow, and this innovative technology is not yet fully used. The chain of blocks is greater than one side of the encryption transformation. Blockchain technology has a wide range of applications, simplifies business processes and transaction processes, provides transparency and security, eliminates centralized intermediation and reduces transaction costs. However, a business model based on block-chain technology is largely dependent on a stable power source

The Conclusion

Karatcoin is a cryptocurrency project that requires you to submit a gold certificate to the Ethereum block chain. The platform digitizes your gold reserves and allows you to keep them in the wallet of Karatcoin your mobile device. You can freely exchange the karateken Karatcoin ( KTC ) and cash voucher through the application. It is not inflexible to understand the mechanism of Karatcoin. For example, in the whitepaper, ‘’ we are going to invest in real gold mines in South America and Africa ‘’ However, it is very clear, how these investments work and what profit they can expect from investors. This platform is developed by Dreammy. The main product of Dreammy is a platform for sharing music. It is not known why investments in gold mining all over the world begin suddenly. The company also manages the vegan recipes website. In general, it is not known how companies specializing in the music exchange platform will dominate gold mining in the world/ In any case, you can learn more about Karatcoin by viewing it online at Karatcoin.co. A specific date has not yet been announced, but ICO is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2018

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