KaratCoin ( KTC ) – Revolutionary Future of the Gold Mining

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Gold is a metal, a mineral, which became known to the world about 6,5 thousand years ago. After the appearance of this metal, the development and life of mankind changed their movement dramatically. Today, gold is an advantageous material for investing its own money. Over the years, various currencies have appeared and disappeared, and this metal is still of great importance. Those who have gold reserves have prestige and influence. By the amount of gold not only assess the level of state, but also gain a certain place in society. 52% of gold is used for the production of the jewelry, which are of high cost. On industry, 18%, 28% - on investment and savings

Karatcoin is a cryptocurrency project that requires you to submit a gold certificate to the Ethereum block chain. The platform digitizes your gold reserves and allows you to keep them in the wallet of Karatcoin your mobile device. You can freely exchange the Karatcoin token (KTC) and a cash voucher through the application. It is not difficult to understand the mechanism of Karatcoin

For example, in the whitepaper ‘’ we are going to invest in real gold mines in South America and Africa ‘’ However, the type of earnings that investors can expect, it is clear how these investments work

This platform is developed by Dreammy. The main product of Dreammy is a platform for sharing music. It is not known why investments in gold mining all over the world begin suddenly. The company also manages the vegan recipes website. In general, it is not clear how companies specializing in the music exchange platform will dominate the global gold mining industry

Today, more than 50% of the world's gold reserves are concentrated in China, India, Russia, Japan and Brazil. KARATCOIN ( https://karatcoin.co/ ) offers the first platform for buying, selling and investing in gold products

Current Problem in the Industry

  • the difficulty in finding gold in the market;
  • value of bonds: on the market, the bond is now unreliable. We should worry about the possibility that the world is in an unfavorable deflationary economic trap
  • the bond market no longer lags behind the "deflation curve
  • one of the main shortcomings in the system of support of debt obligations is the debt of patrons who do not fulfill their contractual obligations
  • unused gold

The company will solve these problems as follows

  • The KARATCOIN platform is directly connected to the operating gold mines, which will receive financing to help increase gold production. The more financing of KARATCOIN, the higher the aggregate gold production, which, in turn, will increase the cost of circulating KARATCOIN coins
  • On the decentralized platform Ethereum you can purchase gold certificates of Karatcoin with different maturity dates and corresponding semi-annual coupons with a yield of 5 to 6% depending on its duration
  • With the help of smart contracts, you can exchange money, property, shares or something valuable in a transparent, conflict-free way, while avoiding the services of an intermediary. One of the advantages of using smart contracts is that the process can be automated. Consequently, if the threshold is not reached, then all money is returned

The Team

Karatcoin has an experienced team that is ready to make this project a reality. The Karatcoin team unites a unique team of experts in the field of cryptovatives, distributed computing systems, mobile technologies and large-scale development of applications for consumers, which has created many award-winning applications. More than 6 years of professional experience in Blockchain, PHP and JavaScript technologies. This is the track record of SIMONE ORSO, who is the founder and CEO of Karatcoin. CLAUDIA BUSATO is the founder and chief operating officer of Karatcoin. Has extensive experience in dealing with financial institutions, researching business opportunities, scanning talents and start-ups

ICO Details

  • Information about the ICO: https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale

  • Number of KCD tokens: 24,000,000 KCD (24%)

  • Token (KCD) Karatcoin - fully compatible with the ERC-20 platform Ethereum

  • Hard Cap: 24,000,000 , 00 USD

  • Softcap:: ETH in the equivalent of USD 3,000,000.00

  • Proposed token exchange ratio: 1 KCD = 0.1 USD.

  • You can take part in the ICO https://karatcoin.co/#tokenSale

The Conclusion

The Karatcoin platform is directly connected to the gold mine, which receives loans to increase gold production. The higher the funding, the more gold mines will be added and the cost of karate tokens will increase. All mines selected by Karatcoin's technical group and legal group will be carefully analyzed on production capacity, operational experience, construction reliability and financial rating (the intermediary is not involved in the process of verification). This mine will focus on the physical extraction of gold (gold sticks, gold nuggets, gold dust, etc.) stored in the official refinery and converted into ingots. There is no geographical limit. Because money becomes money and can be changed in any country. Transport costs and taxes are minimized and raw materials are left at the beginning. You can keep the gold safe and keep it as a gold certificate in the pocket of the karate chain. Money is not protected by political influence and increases its value over time. After the full formation of the program, you have the opportunity to remain a participant in the project and receive a portion of the company's profit as the holder of the KCD token, but you can also sell your coins on crypto-exchange exchanges. I burden them with their sales, because I want to remain a part of this global, large-scale project and grow with it! Join and become a part of KCD

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