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TEMCO is trying to overcome the obstacles faced by conventional chain management systems. For this, the company wants its stakeholders to be connected through block circuits. This ensures that the pre-shipment phase is understood in real time. With TEMCO, consumers will be able to choose products that meet strict standards for supply chain management. Companies can improve their efficiency by optimizing the process and structure of the supply chain using the TEMCO platform. They can also increase profitability by optimizing strategies for selling products using information from the supply chain in the block chain

Technical structure of TEMCO

It is assumed that the TEMCO technology will have 3 levels,

  • The data load in the block chain from the server level will be referred to as the "base" level
  • Retrieve blockchain data using the base level and access it as an API from the middle level will be called the "service" level
  • The display of data at the user interface level will be referred to as the application level


TEMCO will use tokens as a means of payment for the purchase of products and services after the creation of an ecosystem. This token will also be used to pay smart contracts. Revenue from the sale of chips will be distributed as follows: 40% product development, 25% marketing, 20% business development, 10% use in emergency situations and 5% legal problems. This potential is to increase consumer confidence in the supply chain process and create a cost saving effect through better supply chain management. Suppliers can also earn points based on their monthly product ranking and quarterly sales growth. Providers can also convert their points into tokens and use them to pay enrollment fees or smart contracts
TEMCO is a catering supply chain system whose purpose is to use smart contracts to overcome the limitations of existing supply chain management systems. In the existing system, information about each participant in the supply chain can be separated and separated from each other, but TEMCO strives to allow each participant to connect through the block chain to provide an understanding of the connection phase initial. - Real-time delivery.


TEMCO has a very young team formed mainly by South Korean visionaries. The team was led by co-founders Geunil Lee, Jazeb Yoon and Hongsub Lim. They also have two leading developers, business development managers, two marketing managers, designers, senior UI / UX designers and third-party developers. This central team is not affiliated with other ICO companies. The TEMCO team will also create applications and consumer platforms for the analysis of large data. This application will increase consumer confidence in the product by providing real-time information about the supply chain from start to finish. The large data analysis platform, based on the data collected in the block chain, will allow SMEs to develop low-cost supply chain infrastructure and obtain commercial information

The Conclusion

TEMCO is a very promising project. Employ experienced experts in the real world. This project will bring something new to the modern world and will improve it. However, TEMCO is not unique in its ideas. Many companies also use supply chains in the supply chain. And, like TEMCO, most of these systems are compatible with other supply chains. They also gave great strength to the founding team. Better control and balance will be better

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Website: https://www.temco.io/#/

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