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The winkPark app seems very promising to help people find places to park, especially in overcrowded city centers. For example, even on the outskirts of the city, the app can help you find the last parking space in the cinema. Users can really make money while they're waiting in the parking lot, leaving this place until other park users appear. In some cases, a simple parking message on a network can also give you tokens. Before leaving the parking lot, WinPark users can provide valuable information so that the network knows that this parking will be available soon. People can buy branded signatures in places like eBay or directly from the application. This card-based application adds an interesting twist to the game Basically, the red thread of gamification (note the word "game") represents the design elements of the game to make it more interesting and interesting. Use competition, points, results, status and personal expressions to encourage action through positive comments

ICO Details

ICO is interesting and includes something called a regulated problem. This means that the TalaR (winkPark) that are not sold during the ICO campaign will be transferred to the chip set. They will be available to users in the application. Furthermore, after the launch, investors will be able to sell their chips to new users of the application. The WinkPark team works reliably to avoid significant price devaluations. ICO refers to "Over time, the price of tokens in the application will increase to reflect the amount of data available

WinkPark is an aid for,

  • safe and comfortable parking
  • less fuel consumption
  • more time to make you happy

winkPark is a mobile application that helps drivers save time and money
winkPark creates a community of drivers who share free parking information, saving more time and fuel. This is the perfect solution for your convenience
When you create an account in the winkPark mobile app, you can see how easy it is and how much you need every day. They have communities all over the world and help you park faster, wherever you are, In the Subscribe program, there are two different ways to learn about available parking drivers. Place the same space by clicking on the blue bracket in the main application screen. This guide shows a stick pointing to your area. Depending on your needs, you can move the stick or not. If this area meets your needs, touch the position of the report. In this case, some drivers will see the blue indicator in the manual, which will notify them in an easily accessible parking area. You can also sit behind other customers "Subscribe". Just show the position manually by interrupting the green with a banner, set the time between the time elapsed and take off and sit down for the other driver

The Conclusion

winkPark is a global mobile parking application that encourages collaboration between drivers. This helps to create a strong community that helps to share information on free parking lots. This is the ideal solution to meet the growing demand for parking spaces. Imagine a world where drivers can find parking. Imagine that the driver is waiting for someone else to leave the parking lot. Imagine no longer having to deal with stress just because there are no parking spaces on this road. All this is possible. thanks for the WinkPark app

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