winkPark -Finding a Parking Spot is not an Issue Anymore

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winkPark is an innovative mobile application based on cards that use gamilization elements and relies on collaboration between users. In the application, registered drivers mark the presence of parking lots on the road or in the park. Before leaving, they added their position to inform the public that this parking would be available soon

What is Wink Park?

Imagine a world where drivers can find parking. Imagine that the driver is waiting for someone else to leave the parking lot. Imagine that you do not have to endure the stress anymore because there is no parking space on the road. All this is possible thanks to the WinkPark application

Assistance program

Do you like the idea of ​​the WinkPark app? Act fast! First, serve first! The generosity support program finally started, participated and received a lot of TalaR

The ICO campaign consists of pre-sale of 50% tokens

The value of the chips and the cryptocurrency will be related to the price of the time and the service rendered to the user, pending the arrival of other drivers. Over time, the price of tokens in the app will increase to reflect the decrease in the number of chips available. Investors can sell tokens to users of the app and receive 100% of the returns directly from the transaction

How the winkPark works

  • Search the map for available parking spots marked by members of the winkPark community.
  • Book a seat and "get" from another driver before leaving.
  • Currently, the beta version of this app is available for free downloads for Android 6 or newer systems through the Google Play Store:
  • The company is working on a version for Apple iOS and Android Auto

Just sign up with a secret option to sign up for the app. When this is complete, simply enter the recruiting number, make and shade of your car to allow other users to log in to remember. You can add more cars to your profile, but remember to set them by default. At this point, open the "My Profile" tab to set a nickname and activate your character. When you start with WinkPark, we give you 3 "lives". They may disappear when the initial space disappears after checking it as "available". Life lost is restored after 24 hours

Now let's talk about the functions of the application. How it works? First of all, there is no doubt that the system is based on GPS, like all location-based applications. WinkPark uses GPS to find you and your parking target on a map. It's good that GPS works around the world 24/7. It's a great technology to which we should be grateful
As a user, you can mark a parking spot on the map or you can leave the parking lot and inform the community. Similarly, you can search for parking spaces and on maps you can see empty parking spots marked by other users. You can also order this number. There is also the social aspect of winkPark. With this collaboration application, you communicate with other users. You can send them virtual flashes, for example five virtual maxima. In the end, you will help each other to find a parking space, show your gratitude correctly

This company was founded in Warsaw, Poland

Because Polish IT professionals are well known and recognized around the world. This is an important factor in the board's decision to manage the company

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