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When I heard about the mix for the first time, I immediately remembered Waze. They have very similar concepts. As you know, Waze offers travel times and detailed routes sent by users. Basically, the driver helps the driver. The same thing applies to winkPark, but this time it's parking. Now, they launch ICO to move forward. Their registered capital is $ 4,500,000 and their top limit is $ 85 million

The RoadMap Status

Their roadmap is the answer to one of the park's most important questions. Their iOS application will be available in the first quarter of 2019. Without the iOS version, I personally can not guarantee the application, because we are in the 2nd era of the cellular operating system, which is very important. In fact, I was completely satisfied with the their schedule, each quarter contained unusual plans. Like integration with IoT, leasing functions, cryptocurrency itself, etc

The Functions

Now let's talk about the functions of the application. How it works? First of all, there is no doubt that the system is based on GPS, like all location-based applications. WinkPark uses GPS to find you and your parking target on a map. It's good that GPS works around the world 24/7. It's a great technology to which we should be grateful
As a user, you can mark a parking spot on the map or you can leave the parking lot and inform the community. Similarly, you can search for parking spaces and on maps you can see empty parking spots marked by other users. You can also order this number. There is also the social aspect of winkPark. With this collaboration application, you communicate with other users. You can send them virtual flashes, for example five virtual maxima. In the end, you will help each other to find a parking space, show your gratitude correctly

Answer to the Problem

Finding a parking space is a real problem in our modern and overcrowded city. Using technology to mitigate this problem makes sense, in my opinion. The social networking application, winks, has an advanced integrated technology that allows drivers to easily configure traffic in car parks. It has an easy-to-use user interface that is suitable for any vehicle owner. Very easy to use and very easy to handle. The app has a well-organized structure. This works by noting the number of the license plate and then adding a parking position with a unique code. This app will not only help you find available parking spaces in the right place, but also make new acquaintances, make new friends and other features that will increase your mobility in the city. According to the website, you can even wink up or five big users

The Conclusion

This app creates a more compact route for drivers and saves gas and parking costs. First, it reserves the space and displays the available parking space on the road around the destination. It also helps our cities reduce traffic jams and harmful emissions into the environment. WinkPark focuses on ecology and, thanks to applications, less smoke is released into the atmosphere

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