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The number of fast-growing cars and the limited number of parking spaces around the world cause parking problems that have a serious impact on people's quality of life. Finding parking at multiple points is a problem due to the lack of available parking spaces. winkPark is a mobile cellphone parking application in the world that encourages collaboration between drivers. This helps to create a strong community that helps to share information on open parking spaces. This is the ideal solution to meet the growing demand for parking spaces

  • Save time by finding a parking space
  • Save more fuel
  • Do not stress
  • Safe and easy to use
    Use a mapping application that is easy to understand and use. The most interesting thing is that it is played. This is basically fun and exciting. Use competition, points, results, status and personal expressions to encourage action through positive comments

How does winkPark work?

In the "Subscriber" program, there are two ways to tell other pilots which parking space is available. One of these is to mark this space by pressing the blue button on the main application screen. An indicator appears on the map indicating your position. Click on the "Publish" button. The other drivers will see a blue marker on the map informing the parking availability. You can also wait for other users of the company. All you need to do is add your position on the map using the green flag button, set the interval between the current time and the start time and wait for other drivers to arrive. You can park quickly with another driver after checking the available parking space. To do this, simply click on the blue label that corresponds to the location on the map and the application will show the route. It is also possible to make an appointment with another driver. Click on the selected green indicator and on the "Create Order" button. This application will show detailed information on the parking lots and routes to get there

Other features

  • You can also interact with other pilots using "Wink" or directing them to five up to mark parking on the map
  • It also has a memory function that shows where you have parked
  • Control notifications. This tab contains a history on the complete use of the application
  • You can also add other users from the application to groups of friends, such as social networking sites with different subgroups: who follows them, who follows them, and who is blocked

The Conclusion

Unfortunately, the daily problems associated with finding parking are an integral part of our lives. Only in Poland the number of cars per inhabitant is one of the most surprising in Europe. Therefore, it is useful to stop using free and easy-to-use interpersonal interaction applications called winkParks. Not only will this give you answers to the parking spaces available in your favorite places, but you will also be ready to make new friends and take advantage of the benefits that will increase your mobility in the city. Furthermore, there are many others! winkPark is a creative application that aims to make the driver's life less demanding. The idea of ​​the structure is to create networks that support each other and ensure that the urban space is restricted and, above all, less densely populated. winkPark also focuses on biology, because the use of this application shows that less steam is transferred to the climate

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