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Daily parking problems are an integral part of our lives. Only in Poland the number of cars for a job is one of the most surprising in Europe. Therefore, it is very useful to help stop the use of free and easy to use interpersonal interaction applications called winkPark. This not only gives you answers to the parking spaces available in your favorite places, but also new friends and takes advantage of the benefits that will increase your mobility in the city. In addition to this, there are many others! winkPark is a creative application that aims to make the driver's life less demanding. Thinking outside the box means creating a complementary network that ensures that urban space is close and, above all, a smaller herd. winkPark also focuses on biology, because using this application means that less smoke is transferred to the climate
Just sign up for a secret request to sign up for the application. When finished, enter the number, create and shade your car so that other users can enter and remember. You can add different machines to your profile, but make sure to set them by default. At this point, open the "My profile" tab to configure your nickname and activate your symbol. When you start with WinkPark, we give you 3 "lives". They can disappear when the original space disappears after checking it as "available". The lost life is restored after 24 hours

How does winkPark work?

In the Subscribe program, there are two different ways to learn about available parking drivers.
Place the same space by clicking on the blue bracket in the main application screen. This guide shows a stick pointing to your area. Depending on your needs, you can move the stick or not. If this area meets your needs, touch the position of the report. In this case, some drivers will see the blue indicator in the manual, which will notify them in an easily accessible parking area.
You can also sit behind other customers "Subscribe". Just show the position manually by interrupting the green with a banner, set the time between the time elapsed and take off and sit down for the other driver
In two choices, you can choose the last element of the parking lot, which is indicated by a drop-down list: this room is paid by the driver with capacity, for electric cars or large vehicles
Likewise, you can also quickly stop using other drivers after checking parking. To do this, simply click on the blue index of your field in the guide and the application will display the course. You can also meet other drivers. Simply tap the selected green indicator and stop the "Create Team" command, and the app will show the details of the parking lot and the routes to get there

The WinkPark client can also use the following functions

I. "Welcome" to another customer or "follower", for example, as a thank you for viewing the space in a manual.

I use this utility to store and show where you stop your car. This is the perfect answer for confident drivers.

III. By checking the warnings on these unusual suggestions, the entire history of the application's use is postponed: someone uses the place you wrote, or what you received from you, or winks or five

The Conclusion

Intravenous Add another application client to your collection of friends. They are divided into three different subgroups, those that are persecuted, those that are persecuted and those that are confused. As a user, you can mark a parking spot on the map or you can leave the parking lot and inform the community. Similarly, you can search for parking spaces and on maps you can see empty parking spots marked by other users. You can also order this number. There is also the social aspect of winkPark. With this collaboration application, you communicate with other users. You can send them virtual flashes, for example five virtual maxima. In the end, you will help each other to find a parking space, show your gratitude correctly

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