Initial Coin Offering or Token Sale's are still in the Wild West days and well done to EOS team

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This year has already seen around 35 Token Sales and if you look at the ICO tracker Calendar there are 4 new token sales starting in the first week of July. Investments in ICO's are trendy, but it still is the wild west.

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A good friend once told me that not everybody in the Crypto Industry are crooks, but all crooks are in the Crypto industry.

What is and ICO?)

There are a few sites where you can track the progress and the launch of new ICO's:

ICO Tracker
ICO Countdown

I am sure there are not a lot of people on the platform that does not know what an ICO is, but here is some background from Venturebeat

Many startups are currently testing out one of the most exciting new investment trends: blockchain-based initial coin offerings (ICOs). Still unregulated and open for anyone to invest in, not just VCs, these token crowdsales are like Kickstarter campaigns for the crypto world.

For those unfamiliar with the idea, startups wanting to build blockchain-based apps (called ‘decentralized apps’ or dApps) can forge a new blockchain to build them on top of or can build them on established public blockchains — such as Ethereum, which is currently seeing most of these projects. These startups pull in funding by selling off tokens of their own cryptocurrency. With the rising interest in blockchain-based services, it has become trendy to invest in these ‘initial coin offerings’.

Currently these investments are based largely on speculation and fear of missing out, so most people throwing money at these projects are taking a big risk.

EOS Token Sale Breaks Record

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Well, I believe that everybody that followed the build-up to the token sale, expected that something big was going to happen, and it did :)

$185 million in 5 days: sets new ICO record with its EOS token

Dan Larimer and the team around him really have something good going here. I truly expect that it will be a glamorous success just like his previous platforms, which includes Steemit, for the new comers that did not know that Dan was one of the co-founders of this platform. I also believe that the way the token sale was conducted in a fair way.

Please ensure to follow @sportspodium, who will also announce an ICO in the coming weeks . SportsPodium is a next generation incentivised social media network focused on the sporting community around the world. The aim is to introduce non-technical users into the world of Blockchain and Crypto Currency in an easy to use decentralized mobile application.

Happy Steeming!


Holy s***, that is a crazy amount of money in only 5 days. And we still have a whole year left correct? I had not heard to much about EOS before joining Steemit just over a month ago, but after checking it out I am a huge believer. Like you said Dan has made some excellent working products in the blockchain space and this is looking to be no different. On of the biggest things I look for in an investment is the team behind it and EOS is showing a lot of promise in that department!

There are many crooks in the crypto space but some like Dan are real honest, with his exceptional record of successful previous projects like Bitshares and Steemit... EOS is going compete with the top 3 crypto curriences... Buying EOS ICO is a very wise decision as , EOS is designed to achieve 80K Transactions Per Second , that would be truly incredible, i guess EOS will be the fastest among all crypto-currencies. Congratulations to EOS team for raising $202 million in it's initial round of ICO.

I don't follow your logic. Just because you trust and believe in the guy, does that automatically mean you will ignore the concept of Suppy/Demand? 351 days of uncapped ICOs....seems very unlikely that the price goes up. Too much supply, not enough demand. Great for the EOS team....not so good for ICO investors. If the uncapped ICOs were over tomorrow, then I would agree with you.

Yes, EOS ICO investors may not make good profit in quick time, but if somebody wants to invest in EOS ICO for longterm then definitely will make good returns. Trust is very important, because i have trust in Dan and his team, i can happily wait for couple of years to take my profits, which i believe will be huge.

I don't disagree with you on that. A couple of years sounds like such a long time from now! Anything could happen in a few years or even 1 year. But, don't underestimate Ethereum...they may not sit around and do nothing in that time frame. Guess it just depends on how competitive Vitalik is.

True, EOS has presented a golden opportunity for those who missed to invest in Ethereum, when it was around $1. Yes, Ethereum may increase by 200%-500% in 2 years, but EOS has the probability to grow by 1000% or even more.

Why would anybody want to pay for " gas " to use their cryptocurrency or any thing built on the platform ?

EOS is focusing on the key issues and therefore has a great future ahead.

I'm 100% with you. That is why I did not go into that token sale. As well as any other token that is not capped.

but in the mean time... ethereum could make it obsolete

I have been following Dan's work for quite some time and believe he is a genius in what he does. The EOS team fully deserve all the accolades

everything is in the beginning stages...there will be many millionaires, but there will also be a lot of people crying at the end of it, remain vigilant guys

Great advice Thanks

I'm really liking that "Not everybody in crypto is a crook, but all the crooks are in crypto" saying. That's the truth, man. Sometimes people link me to new ICOs or blockchain projects that just reek of scams, yet they raise millions of dollars. Hard for me to understand.

It's impossible to deny that EOS is a good one - Dan's reputation is clear to everybody who's watching. After the success of Bitshares and Steem, even I'm tempted to buy a few EOS tokens... and I never really invest outside of Steemit and one or two other projects.

Thanks for a Brilliant comment. Also remember when real business enters the ICO market, and I am speaking about the guys with many years of business experience, the real fun will start. At the moment it is mostly IT people doing business In this space.

Nice post. Have you found anything that compares icos accords the big platforms eth etc waves and Bitshares?

Good one, this is the year of crypto`s...thanks for sharing.

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I'm always really weary of ICO, something about it just doesn't sit right with me.

Agreed....especially the uncapped ICOs.

Yeah, agree - too many unknown with ICO's. It will be much better when once this industry starts to mature. Looking forward to watching this space.

Yeah i'll give it a few months and see what happens.

Thanks for this news ! I will have a deeper look at EOS token !

Always a pleasure @balibou

I think that ICOs will ruin the cryptocurrency system. Most of the ICOs will fail and all the crypto system will go down with them.

Please guys invest only in good projects.

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I still wait one week after an ICO is launched.

Helpful post. Thanks!

It is a great pleasure thanks for commenting

Hi, I am new on here. The first post I came accros was yours. It's a good one by the way. I follow some ICOs but I don't like the ICOs that are so "greed" (even though maybe it's not the good word). Bancor, for example, are they really going to deliver what they promissed? The same question goes for EOS. It's not because the guy participated as a Steemit founder he will be great in delivering what he is promissig, right? Steemit is still a project with a lot of potential and I think a long way to go but they've already got money, right? Now this guy might thought "it would be nice to create a new project to get more money." Is that right? I trully believe in the idea of doing ICOs but all ICOs should have escrow. And should be caped? (As Vitalik said maybe is not the solution but how community can do something before USA and other governments intervene and allow only rich people to fund projects as they do with Pre-IPO and IPO). I don't know if EOS have escrow. Sorry if I say some fools things, but just wanted leave here my thoughts! Anyway, I just HOPE EOS will really deliver whatever they have promissed to investors...and not become a sort of faillure in the crypto and blockchain world. Thank you for your post!

Thank you for a great comment and Welcome to the platform. I really believe you will enjoy it. From an EOS perspective , I do believe they will deliver, but we will have to wait and see 👍🏻

Crypto industry Great informative post thumbs up

Who along me didn't have funds to invest .

All comes to those who wait @danishmmir :)

eos will change the world...i have bought eos at 0.76$ ..its okay to buy..the only coin i saw going up after the ico every condition its okay to buy this coin...everything is in the beginning stages...there will be many millionaires, but there will also be a lot of people crying at the end of it, ..that is the sad thing..

Hi Jacor, how can I get more information on @sportpodium, it seams their page is non existant at this time and a google search comes up empty. thanks.

Hi @melkay, apologies I misspelled the name. It is @sportspodium. Steemit is the main communication platform and there is new information published on a regular basis. Please follow @sportspodium. Thanks for the interest.

I'm a total newbie on steemit, in crypto world as well as in EOS. I participated in the second tranche (the first 2M, 23hr one) of the ICO and wrote about my first observations in my first blog post, I also added a simple scenario model to assess whether the next tranches provide value. Have a look if you're interested! Looking forward to engage with you all in this community!

Hey @jacor, thanks for the article and congratulations on your work! I've also been writing a bit about ICOs in my own blog. If you'd care to take a look, I've been trying to develop an ICO Valuation methodology. I've been through how not to get scammed and how to properly evaluate an ICO team. Also, I put some alerts out for a possible ICO Bubble, as have the CFA Institute.

To facilitate the way people keep up with ICOs I came up with the Ultimate ICO List and an ICO resources list.

Hopefully you'll find some of that useful.

Looking forward to your reading new posts of yours and hearing your thoughts on mine ! Cheers