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Bitcoin Crown introduces BTCC a new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) and smart contract platform that gives game developers, creators and game communities the required values and crypto backend tools to implement and manage virtual goods. The Bitcoin Crown platform will have full support for this token in the next 6 months.

Bitcoin Crown will develop an open source development software framework (SDK), wallet, game plugin, virtual item management app, and payment gateway platform.

Bitcoin Crown offers many great benefits including:

Benefits for the Community include:

  • Gamify your website and mobile community with special BTCC Coins.
  • Increase user participation and contribution in forums and walls.
  • Automatic rewards, and set up country-based triggers.
  • Recap your community with in-game items on the server or game.

Benefits for Game Publisher / Creator:

  • Create a new token to represent a virtual currency, game item, or privilege. Create and manage virtual stuff programmatically or through apps.
  • Create limited time or subscribe to virtual goods based.
  • Request non-exchangeable items or special edition items.
  • Set up a virtual goods store.
  • Run a decentralized payment gateway without an intermediary.
  • Transparent transactions.
  • Prepare report and commission system.
  • No fraud, chargeback or cancellation.
  • Minimum charges for transactions in blockchain and no commission fees.

Benefits to Gamers:

  • Sale & purchase transactions without worrying about fraud risks.
  • Trade between game items from various games using Bancor for liquidity.
  • Bring your currency in any community or game and keep the value.
  • Have a valuable currency and rare items that can - never be taken.
  • Use the BTTC market and social networks to find and trade game items.
  • Generate BTCC coins to play the game.
  • Convert custom virtual items directly back to BTCC Coins and save the value.

Millions of players involved
Millions of BTCC users are deeply committed to socializing and working together to create unique communities, game content, and virtual economy. By providing the tools they need, BTCC allows these creators to monetize their content.

The value of games and content creation
Sandbox games, like Minecraft, are the most popular online games. By using BTCC Coin, we will promote a culture of passion, collaboration, and pride by giving players more control over their game content. Valuable players will keep coming back, and increase revenue and commitment from publishers and creators.

Bitcoin Crown Coins will develop tools that allow game publishers, game servers, and communities to manage virtual goods and in-game items across platforms. Monetization using BTCC Coin will be the main focus with advanced features and set of tools provided. Major benefits will be gained by utilizing decentralized platforms and support frameworks.

Token Information

Name: Bitcoin Crown (BTCC)

Total supply: 70,000,000 Token BTCC

Total allocation: 50,000,000 BTCC tokens

Hard Cap: $ 10,000,000 USD

Soft Cap: $ 2,500,000 USD

Currency: ETH

Crowdsale will start at 5 am PDT March 25, 2018 "Release Date" and ends at 23:59 pm PDT time on April 30, 2018 or when it is sold out.

BTCC Coins:
BTCC will run on the Ethereum Smart Contract. Coins will be used as follows:

  • In-game items, currency. etc. using BTCC as the primary currency.
  • Reward Automations - assign coins to user accounts based on activity.
  • The board-coin forums will be used to select and tip.
  • Coins can be used for donations.
  • Promotions and coins will be used as payment for promotions and advertisements.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you can visit some of the following links:








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