Coinnup- Unique Ecosystem of Five Core Platforms.

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Coinnup ecosystems are being created to address all the problems that might interfere with the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Today, cryptocurrency is usually seen as a store of value, while they are designed to work as a medium of exchange. The Coinnup Ecosystem offers a B2B and B2C payment gateway that helps users use their crypto assets to perform daily financial transactions such as charging their mobile pulses.

This mechanism is also just as simple as pulling cryptocurrency and changing its value to fiat. The seller selects a crypto source, which can be an exchange wallet or a desktop / mobile wallet; the seller selects cryptocurrency (one or more) to convert and selects the withdrawal mode, which maybe a bank or debit card account. In the shortest possible time, funds are transferred to a bank account or ready to be withdrawn via a debit card.

Paymaz, the product from Coinnup offers five core crypto management platforms on one major platform supported by coinnup coin (PMZ). You will be able to trade crypto, buy, sell, withdraw, send and receive crypto using one platform.

PAYMAZ Crypto Exchange
Full-featured crypto exchange that can handle millions + orders per second with capacity to meet future demand. With instant KYC, strong trading engine, and instant withdrawal, our trading platform will be one of the best in the market. All initial users will be able to test the exchange and use alpha versions at enormous discount costs for the next four years.

Detailed tokens

Name: PMZ
Total Supply: 298,500,000
Public Offering: 104,475,000 (35% of Total Supply)
Soft Cap: $ 2,000,000 USD Hardcap $ 21 million USD
Extended Hardcap * $ 32 million USD
Currencies, BTC, NEO, LTC, BCH
Min Purchase250 PMZ
Starts May 11 (1:00 AM, Sydney, AEDT)
Ends October: 30 (11:59 PM, Sydney, AEDT)
Restrictions: United States of America, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region

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