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GigTricks is a blockchain-based technology platform, the main idea is to build relationships between freelancers working around the world and potential customers, entrepreneurs who want to order quality work from freelancers. GigTricks - offers professionals all over the world, with profiles that customers can read, profiles are visible statistics, individual reviews, and skills lists owned by freelancers.

GigTricks is a private limited company incorporated into inside Gibraltaar fits together with the Companies Act 2014 and registration number 117112. Gibraltar was chosen to be established because of his understanding that his jurisdiction is vague. friendly. The GigTricks company is trying to trigger the most recent version of the current freelance platform that can be futuristic in its ability to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create winning scenarios for all involved stakeholders. GigTricks has a vision of where they think it will come true because it creates a viable, open and low cost freelance platform that can try to get the function coming from as many countries as possible.

Someone is running a GigTricks company. The function of these directors is to take responsibility for the company's busyness and to monitor the Company's daily activities. The Board of Directors exercises its competent authority along with the Company's provisions and their fiduciary liabilities to the Company. They have all the permissibility to do all necessary or useful actions to manage and control the company's business and the development of the GigTricks platform.

GigTricks offers its users:

  • Creating a platform that brings together freelancers and customers who use freelancers.
  • Employee profiles created using chain chain cannot to be changed, indicating employee appraisal transparency.
  • GigTricks Learning - a platform to train freelancers in different areas.
  • GigTricks Social social networking for service employees, which will help increase the level of user interaction within the network.

It also intends to deal with issues related to fraud. This platform offers a fair chance for all involved. Gigtricks helps and supports customers with blockchain technology and smart contracts. This will ensure that all unprofessional and unprofessional freelancers are well cared for.

how It Works?
The Ethereum free-tide contract will set the terms and conditions at the start of each shipment, including the deadline and the amount to be paid. This will serve as valid proof, in contrast to the bad quote system and bids used in existing platforms, which are not reliable. In addition, the escrow system will ensure payment is processed without fail depending on the number of completed jobs. GigBit tokens will be used for all exchanges that will bring a high tax on traditional cross-border payments to a negligible amount. This will automatically reduce the cost of being drafted by the platform drastically as well. This is in stark contrast to the current platform that imposes exorbitant fees per shipment on freelancers.

The platform will use the GBTC token during the transaction. The maximum number of tokens is 1,000,000,000. The goal is to achieve a minimum of $ 5 million, consider softcap, while hard cap is $ 50 million.


Pre-ICO Price
1 GBTC = 0.124 USD

1 GBTC = 0.248 USD



Minimum investment
100 USD

Soft cap
5,000,000 USD

Hard cap
50,000,000 USD

Token distribution begins within 21 days after the sale is complete. Unsold tokens are destroyed.
Tokens can be used openly for: in-app transactions, payments for user subscriptions, community awards, and royalties.

This platform is a unique project that will bring together industry representatives and freelancers from different sectors and directions that will enable entrepreneurs to create professional teams that will improve the quality of projects they are building.

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