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The world has gone through so many advancements over so many times. There are various technological interventions that have occurred ever since the world entered the era of industrial development. The inception of the digital technology also gave some additional benefits and boosted the advancements. One major area of the digital world that has seen an awesome and tremendous development is the Sharing Economy.

You may wonder what the sharing economy is. The sharing economy encompasses a platform where people make use of their resources or assets by sharing with other people. So with the sharing economy, you can share your knowledge, your house, your car, or any other asset you own with other people while you make profits on them. Some examples of such platforms are Quora (shared knowledge), Uber (shared transportation), AirBnB (shared accommodation) amongst others.


What we must also know is that these platforms have their demerits as well. There have many downsides of these platforms that have been complained about for a while. There are issues concerning trust since many people do not feel secure sharing their car or house with strangers. Others also receive small or no incentivization (an example is Quora where people share knowledge and earn nothing from it). Privacy issues can also not bypassed as well as the exploitation by the intermediaries and so many other problems encountered by the active and potential users of the sharing economy.

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Well, one awesome good news is that the inception of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency have given better insights into how to solve problems pertaining to the digital world. It is to this effect that the WONO initiative was developed. According to the whitepaper, WONO is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) platform for exchanging property and services. The WONO ecosystem shall consist of three major interplays- The Protocol (consisting of the DApps and ETH smart contracts), the API (which shall be the major propagator of the protocol), and the Client (the workspace that shall integrate the Protocol and API). The WONO initiative shall operate on Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

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The benefits of being part of WONO are of various diversities.

  • With WONO, you can share your asset with a peer on the blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contract, where you will also get incentivized without the influence of any intermediary.

  • Users of the WONO platform also have the chance of exchanging diverse forms of assets other than the other platforms that are only specific to a specific asset. With WONO you can share a lot of other things other than your house or car alone.

  • Additionally, since many countries currently see cryptocurrencies as digital assets other than actual money, holders of the WONO tokens will then need not to worry about taxes until they convert their digital assets into fiat.

  • Also, you can directly exchange your asset with another user on the platform as well as get jobs to do on the platform. So we can therefore say WONO is more than just sharing your assets.

  • How about moving beyond your location and sharing your assets with other people elsewhere. WONO allows the intercommunication and intersharing between users from different geographical locations.

  • WONO also have one of the awesome milestone that seeks to establish the platform in over 150 counties with successive implementations in various countries and continents in successive years. Find out more about this in the whitepaper.

  • Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary FIle System (IPFS), the platform and community are decentralized, which allows users to interact without needing an intermediary.

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In conclusion, the world is undergoing a major revolution with the inception of blockchain technology. The sharing economy is no exemption to this technology. WONO has shown there are various ways you could be part of the sharing economy and even maximize your earnings safely and securely. As it has been described in the whitepaper, the aim is of the project to arrange ideal conditions for a convenient exchange between users with minimal transaction costs, regardless of location. Join WONO now and enjoy the awesome benefits while you also pioneer a great technological advancement.

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Get in Touch;

Website: https://wono.io

Whitepaper: https://wono.io/assets/content/en/wp.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/wonoworld

Social Media: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Image Credits: WONO Whitepaper and Twitter



This is a great article @Kwabeedat. With the lot of benefits presented to users by Wono, I believe it's filled with lots of potentials in the future. I'll do more research on it it.

I have a similar post on video streaming platforms. Why not check out my new post and let me know what you think.


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Awesome. Thanks for the info

The idea is a great one. I think it is really going to be of good help to the whoe crypto community and the sharing community in general.

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