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Each economic professional, either inside the ordinary or non-traditionalist undertaking market it, needs, above different things, excessive security and high-hazard administration ranges that may anchor their hypothesis and defend each penny put into commercial enterprise. Be that as it can, the pattern in crypto changing surroundings proper now does not appear to find out any response to these tormenting problems and the greater they retain the more speculators pull their coins away, sell off the framework and as a substitute come back to their racks. Be that as it could, here is the uplifting information! A group of experts, cutting area enterprise specialists and crypto fans has met as much as bring forth a change level named ONAM Exchange, a solution dealer.


ONAM is a very flexible, High-execution, managerial reliable, buying and selling level that capabilities solid chance agency, change commentary, pushed buying and selling units and the front line attempt audit protection gadget controlled by using machine learning.
ONAM Exchange is offering some different time of systematization in electronic asset trading by placing an emphasis on adhering to consistence, safety, and convenience.

Highlights OF ONAM

Described by way of superior, administrative consistence, high adaptability, ONAM replacing stage includes diverse exciting properties along with robust chance administration, trade remark, propelled changing devices and fine in elegance project review safety framework driven by machine dialect mastering.

The stage is meant to mainly middle round its solidifying on its high versatility quality to take out uncertainty, hacking, against tax evasion, and marketplace manage issues, that are simple enemy of administrative issues.


ONAM tokens are fundamental to utilize the entire capacities of the degree. Customers may have the potential to get a bargain on trading prices, open extra devices and capabilities consisting of but not compelled to Trade Assistant, Market Scanning gadgets, Trade Alerts and Signals. By using ONAM tokens, customers will have the ability to set aside to 1/2 on trading charges, get the possibility to promote concept and BI exam records, pay for trading bots, and substantially extra.

ONAM will provide ERC-20 constructed token named ONAM regarding Ethereum orchestrate in the midst of it's ICO. Crowdsale could be coordinated in BTC and ETH . You can actually buy Cryptocurrency with the assist of BTC and ETH. A entire sixty five% of the full automated cash problem is up as preparations circulation that is an aggregate of 195 million tokens. The mission is at the period of the starter deals until November 1, wherein you may purchase tokens with 20% markdown. Crowdsale individuals must bypass AML and KYC take a look at method to have the capacity to make certain their tokens. Tokens won't be launched till the factor whilst the moment that this technique is completed by way of the component.


Oct 1, 2018 (10:00PM UTC)

Number of tokens on hand to be acquired
195,000,000 ONAM (65%)

Dec 1, 2018 (10:00PM UTC)

Tokens swapping scale
1 ETH = ~2,875 ONAM, 1 BTC = ~eighty one,250 ONAM

Sufficient economic guidelines


Indicate Number of Tokens

300,000,000 ONAM (100%)

Undeniably, Onam Exchange is the certifiable demostration of "Trade WITH PASSION" A characteristic which works like a exceptional establishment of perpetual open entryways with alleviating advantages for all purchaser besides more for"early winged animals". In case we in fashionable anticipate that point wasting is tragic seeking to gain in sincere to goodness enterprise so why misusing it?



Q1 2018

Factual reviewing – Team Recruitment – OME and Risk Engine Development

Q2 2018

Authoritative Compliance – Strategic Partnerships – Tokenomics – Concept Finalization

Q3 2018

UI/UX Development – Company Formation – Initial Product Testing

Q4 2018

Whitepaper Release – Roadmap Release – Crowdsale Announcement – Community Building – Bounty


Outcast Smart Contract Audit – Private Sale – Pre Sale – Public Crowdsale

November 2018

MVP Release

December 2018

Token scattering – Platform Beta Release – Platform Stress Testing – Third Party Code Audit – Asset Listing Registration Open

January 2018

Trading Pairs Announcement – Full Platform Release

February 2018

Trading Pairs Expansion

Q2 2019

Fiat Pairings* – Custody – ONAM Token buyback – Quarterly Third Party Security and Order Book Audit






Useful Links:

Website: https://onam.io/

WhitePaper: https://onam.io/wp-content/transfers/2018/10/Whitepaper-v1.5.pdfhttps://bit.ly/2RCXFuU

Telegram: https://t.me/onamofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onam.official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialOnam

Medium: https://medium.com/onamex

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