HyperQuant - Multifunctional fintech platform for automated cryptotrading

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HyperQuant Fintech Platform: Multifunctional fintech platform for automated cryptotrading, asset management and dApps creation. It is made by professional quant traders who know capital management industry inside-out.

HyperQuant makes an investing process more simple and transparent for all market participants – from minor investors to hedge funds and professional capital managers.

Generally, people want to increase their capital in order to be financially independent and confident in the future. However, in our contemporary world, building a diversified portfolio of assets is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury or an additional source of income.

When entering the enormous financial world now, it is important to concentrate on present technologies in order to secure future success. The development of blockchains allowed for the existence of on apportioned infrastructure for a new generation of financial services.

However, different concerns appeared. These are follows:
Cryptocurrency and altcoins are too volatile.
The majority of token holders cannot skillfully manage the risks.
There is abundance of untrustworthy coins and altcoins
Dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges have limited liquidity.

To solve this issue, multi - level program architecture, Hyperquant, was designed. Hyperquant is a revolutionary ecosystem for the creation of financial services with the use of blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.

Hyper Fast
Fast Order Delivery protocol allows light-speed data transactions between different trading platforms. It works hundreds of times faster than similar solutions, which provides a significant competitive advantage for dApps and the services based on it.

Hyper Smart
All the components of the platform are managed by HyperQuant Artificial Intelligence and Risk Management system. It constantly evolves through machine learning based on the data accumulated within the protocol.

Hyper Secure
HyperQuant tree model and proof-of-existence principle to store data of the protocol transactions on Ethereum blockchain. This ensures system transparency and security. The system itself is highly efficient in terms of traffic and computing, so even if it has 1,000,000,000 orders on a daily basis, the proofs will take only 1kb in size and require just 30 hashing operations.

HyperQuant quant traders and KuCoin experts are planning to create professional crypto indexes together.
Source: https://medium.com/hyperquant/hyperquant-kucoin-partnership-news-9ffe0005ae6c

• HyperQuant has already reached the softcap during the private token sale round and getting closer and closer for the hardcap
• HyperQuant received a huge number of positive feedback and applications for participation
• HyperQuant collaborated with various huge institutions and see HyperQuant as solid and stable project
• HyperQuant has a star team of trading professionals, advisors and partners
• Major crypto - exchanges partnership

Private Token Sale
• Start- May 1, 2018
• End- May 31, 2018
• Price- 1 ETH= 400 HQT
• Start- June 1, 2018
• Ends- July 31, 2018
• Price- 1 HQT= $0.15

HyperQuant has a star team of trading professionals, advisors and partners

For more information about HyperQuant (HQT):
Website: https://hyperquant.net/en
Whitepaper: https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/
Telegram: https://t.me/hyperquant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hyperquant_net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyperquant.net/
Medium: https://medium.com/hyperquant
Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362.0
Author Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1680620

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