Qurrex offers a new experience in the exchange of cryptocurrency

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Nowadays, Cryptocurrency has rapidly developed which can be seen with the number of
Cryptocoin available in the market. This has a positive impact on Users & Cryptocoin Service
Providers, but it could be a serious problem because the increasing number of circulating ICO
(Initial Coin Offering) can make cryptocurrency exchange difficult to satisfy cryptocoin Users &
Service Providers demand.
At this time, there are two types of cryptocurrency exchange. The first one is the
centralized exchange and the other one is the autonomy exchange (Decentralized). A centralized
exchange is a type of exchange that all processes occur in one network which owned by the
service provider. This type has several advantages, but the most prominent advantage is this type
can do multi-platform transactions. Autonomy exchange is a type of exchange in which all
transactions depend on one platform (e.g. ethereum and waves), this causes the transaction
process becomes easier, since it depends only on one platform. Here's the weakness of the
centralized exchange and autonomy exchange.
Weakness of the Centralized-Exchange :
 Lack of protection and inadequate level of security
 The used API tends to be slow
 Inadequate level of liquidity, especially for low liquidity instruments
 Lack of transparency
 Difficult to use on mobile devices
 Unfriendly interface display
 The process of receipt/delivery asset tends to slow
Weakness of Decentralized Exchange :
 Security depends on the cryptocoin Providers.
 Can't do multi-platform transactions
 Low demand level


Qurrex provides a solution to the cryptocurrency exchange problem because Qurrex
implements a mixed exchange system. This type can be suitable for cryptocurrency users,
because it has a better security system and also easy to use by all the types of cryptocurrency

Token information :

Token symbol: QRX

Token standard: ERC20

Token type: Utility

Total token supply: 70m

Total token for sale: 55m

Total token for pre-sale: 17m

Roadmap :

More information about qurrex :
Website : https://qurrex.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/qurrex
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYAsSGdCEHA96fUJWWGDL5g
Medium : https://medium.com/qurrex
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/qurrex/

my bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1216530


I hope it can improve the current trading system on the exchangers. Thanks for sharing the info :)

I hope this exchange will be great and has a good user interface, so new user will easy to use it

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