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Let's see what the project Bittwatt is like,

Bittwatt means such an idea: efficiency is most important to us. The Bittwatt project is a solution to this problem, which means that all manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and customers have an interconnected platform that will create a platform for interconnecting, The purpose of this project is to maintain the efficiency, such as decentralizing the supply and project requirements. The Bittwatt Platform is designed to synchronize consumer metrics and other related information without having to provide a specific law and regulation without a system.BitTwatt re-organizes the operation process by abolishing costs and transfer charges.

This is done in an automated task stream that improves energy-frequency converters every hour. In addition, Bittwatt can be kept on hold. For all participants, power generation is eliminated and wasted due to the increase in energy generation through the BitTeach Barrier. Especially Bittwatt has included a set of basic capabilities to scale around the needs of each and every network of brands

They expect that power will no longer be wasted, that power plants, suppliers, customers and other operators will be able to contribute to the Bittwatt project. The Bittwatt project is constantly being implemented through eco-friendly actions and new technological developments.

The Bittwatt Project also includes a development platform that brings together the world of new and renewed energy savers new cost reductions. The aim of the moon is to create the first global platform to collect and control every competitor for the betterment of customers.Bittwatt is committed to producing the new Bittwatt technology that installs a very light, transparent, energy-efficient marketplace. The Bittwatt project is needed around the world.Clearly, the main theme of the Bittwatt project is to provide a truly eco-friendly, eco-friendly, collaborative service and promote it globally.

The BTC project's model starts with the support of energy suppliers in each country. Then they will be able to register the Bittwatt Platform to meet the requirements to create them. All manufacturers, suppliers, and customers must register with these criteria and act according to the conditions set by Bittwatt.The electricity sold has been entered into a blocked algorithm for meeting all buyers and sellers based on their pricing. This smart contract will be processed after the power is delivered and the power will be paid by the parties.

*****Bittwatt Token and Protocol Design

Let's see what their Token and Protocol Design is like,

With the use of Ethereum as the backbone, Bittwatt will be able to run all of the features and rules of its draft right through the protocol. On top of Ethereum, the song uses Go, the multimedia command line tool, which runs the entire Ethereum node. After the decimal count, the eye has been designed with an eye depth of 18 and an ERC20.
It will be the basis for all activities within the ecosystem. The total symbol supply is 400,000,000 BWT. (1, 1) The BWT token represents a token equal to 1 kWh.

**** Bittwatt Token sale

The Bittwatt token sales target is $ 36,000,000 (US). The minimum funding target is $ 30,000,000. The short name of this Bittwatt token is BWT.The value of 1 BWT of BWT tokens is $ 0.12 (usually 1 kWh). We can get this BWT token with many different features in a variety of ways. See the picture below, where it's where we can get this token

They have enabled us to use BTC, ETH, and COSS when buying a token, which is a very important thing.They mention that we have the lowest personal selling voucher of $ 10,000. You can see below the features that are partitioned by their initial purchase of $ 400 million that has been shared. They are divided into six sections.

****** Let's see if an investment is this project worth it? About why Bittwatt is a good investment,

  1. You will not hesitate to exchange energy through this. After properly draining the system, producers and suppliers can complete transactions quickly. This means that it is not mandatory for third-party validation.

  2. You can call them to increase or decrease their energy output for a Bittwatt plant for a specific period. They are defined as power plants that turn this into a power and gas system.

  3. This method is based on Ethereum. Their current token supply is BWT 400,000,000 or Bittwatt Token. This is equivalent to 1kWH for one token and you can pay for electricity on the Bittwatt platform.

1.300,000,000 tokens are sold during the ICO7

  1. 40,000,000 tokens are reserved for the team
  2. 8,000,000 tokens are reserved as a bounty
  3. 12,000,000 tokens are reserved for country-level marketing
  4. 20,000,000 tokens are reserved for advisors
  5. 20,000,000 tokens are reserved for country advisors

Look this,

Unbelievable concept. Definitely, Bittwatt has a long journey.

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**** Bittwatt RoadMap,

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Energy is the most important thing the world needs and the best part of it is to the extents at which bittwatt has taken this to .. We are in for resolution bittwatt are our pride project let's go bitt

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