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Today, I am going to talk about a timely and most important project for all of us. That is, the NOW TOKEN project.

What is ChangeNow?

ChangeNOW Project is a very timely web platform designed for a simpler and easier exchange of any encryption. There are two types of exchange

  1. custodial
  2. Instant

This will store all of the data stored in their infrastructure, acknowledging correctness and other infrastructure requirements. Also, users operate separately on the interface without the private key stores being stored. They are committed to exchanging the project instantaneously. Their huge project will soon be successful. This is a very timely project.

In particular, this is a unique user-friendly platform for hidden transaction processes that work without this registration and limitations. It is certainly most important for us. The specialty is that you do not need to create an account. Also, you do not need to remember your password from this instant messaging exchange. The main objectives of this project are to provide customers with a secure and convenient service.

It is already a public company with Polonix and Bittrex. Looking at the speed of the transaction, the deal is only five minutes. All this, however, depends on the volume of transactions. That is, when you deal with large volumes, your transaction will be a bit too big for small transactions. It's normal for any transfer.

Let's see how How does ChangeNOW work?

  1. Choose your crypto currency
  2. Enter your wallet's address
  3. Confirmation
  4. Deposit
  5. Earn Coins

1. Choose your crypto currency

First select the type of currency you need. For example, if you want to convert to BTC, type the required amount to translate in the search bar and select BTC. Now choose "BTC". Then the platform automatically calculates and displays the best ratios you can give you. If you choose to agree, press the continue button.

2. Enter your wallet's address

After completing the first step, you will need to enter your BTC Wallet Address "Enter the BTC address of the recipient". Also, keep this in mind. Please be sure to check your BTC address carefully and proceed as you can because your account can not be reversed for any reason.

3. Confirmation

Check carefully and verify that you entered the data correctly.

4. Deposit

ChangeNOW has created a BTC address and send your BTC to this BTC address.

5. Earn Coins

The last step is that ChangeNOW guarantees you to search out the most effective substitute. This method doesn't need any KYC, email, or positive identification. there's now not a registered method, no account and restrictions.

The advantages

This ChangeNow platform has been fully de-centralized and is powered on the modern Blockchain technology. It's one of the main advantages if these users do not have to worry about using the account for unauthorized use or for financial fraud. All security measures have been used for this purpose. However, the ChangeNow platform does not provide any kind of user registration or account creation, or a personal basis. That the platform does not store users' personal data. ChangeNow will give you the best possible speed through the ChangeNow platform.

Let's talk now about the basics about their Token.

1 NOW 0.2 USD

#Token Symbol: NOW
#Full name: ChangeNOW Token
#Type: ERC20 Token
#Tokens Amount: 200 000 000 NOW
#Market Cap: 40 000 000 USD
#Ticker: NOW
#Decimal: 8

#Keep this in mind. In August 2018, NOW Token has been scheduled to list the tokens list for the popular exchange platforms, and their Bounty program can now earn Tokens. Bounty program is the only way you can earn a token now.

My personal opinion is ChangeNOW project is one of the best projects to make investment . This user-friendly feature, in particular, is moving to a higher level.

More Info about ChangeNOW project

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