Are you tired of the crazy price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets?

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At A token driven mining company (, we have you covered.

Our innovative asset-backed token allows our investors to easily earn a monthly passive income, just from holding our SRXIO token.

45% of ALL gross revenue will be distributed equally to SRXIO token holders. These earnings will be distributed through an Ethereum smart contract to ensure full transparency.

Curious to see how much monthly passive income you can earn? Check out our ROI calculator on our website (


I am happy to have come around with the Securix project as this is a good opportunity for us to get involved with the world of cryptocurrency yet not anymore experience the great volatility and instability of this market. Let's go #Securix let's conquer the world...

The SRXIO token is very unique, generating a monthly passive income regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down!

nice good team

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The project has great advantages!

This project has a very promising idea. The team works with the project definitely it will be successful! Invest now & earn more
Do not miss to join.

This is an greatly interesting initiative which originated out of my home country the netherlands! Would like to wish the team all the best during the tokensale.

This project is loved by me for its unique features

The month income distribution is a great idea that will strengthen this currency too

xcellent group jobing for a world the best, i love this, i need this

This project has the backing of well organised team, I have followed their activities and I am really impressed with how they are executing each stage of the projects development professionally.

This token will work as a very stable coin once the revenue shares start coming in. So it will be very unique.

This is an greatly interesting initiative which originated out of my home country the netherlands! Would like to wish the team all the best during the tokensale.

It's a great idea to buy project tokens and protect yourself from volatility and even make money on the fact that I'll just keep the tokens in my wallet.

The monthly passive income is a good idea, I am sure it will add value to the crypto world and attract more people to adopt the digital currency

Securix is offering enhanced value and a differentiated product versus cloud mining operations, providing a monthly passive gross revenue share to investors from its mining operation, while protecting token holders from price volatility.

I think it's the best project I've ever met. So I advise everyone to join. Strong team and promising opportunities.

An excellent opportunity to earn tokens of SRXIO it is simple that they are in your wallet

In principle the idea very good which reminds a few CPA marketing where you will draw interest for participation

I welcome this platform to the cryptocurrency world. I foresee this to be one of the major backbones of crypto.

Thanks to this project,I can actualize my dreams and reach my heart desire which is my goal. I am happy to be a part of this project.This company looks very worthy and interesting.

That's great, I'm going to join.

This company looks very worthy and interesting, I think it has a great future. I believe in the future of this project.

Limited supply of coins... great

This project is impressive in its idea and the team is working well to make the project a success!

We hope this will bring a real solution

Its a good opoortunity to gain some passive income.

This is a significantly intriguing activity which began out of my nation of origin the netherlands! Might want to want the group to enjoy all that life has to offer amid the tokensale.

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