A token driven mining company is pleased to announce that we have already sold 1.9 Million SRXIO tokens during our private presale!

in #ico3 years ago A token driven mining company (, is pleased to announce that we have already sold 1.9 Million SRXIO tokens during our private presale!

This follows an already successful push that has included:

· An initial seed round of $250 000 USD.
· A signed contract for our location in the Netherlands.
· A signed Electrical upgrade deal at 7MW
· A live website.

Our crowdsale is set to launch on September 7th, so be sure to sign up to our whitelist to learn more about how you can be a part of, and earn monthly passive income with our SRXIO token.

For more information- check out our website (!



I am happy to note of this good news. This development means a lot to all of us supporting this project. I am sure that this is just the beginning of bigger avalanche of support the project will soon get. Congrats for this, guys!

An important project serving an important sector in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies

Securix has one of the noteworthy points of interest of running programming that can figure which coin is the best to mine. The decision making depends on different factors, for example, the trouble factor, current coin value, three-day normal coin value, seven-day normal coin cost and conversion scale

Great project. which is steadily developing

All great progress moving into the public sale start date. Good things in the future for this project.

This project has a very interesting idea. The team works with the project 100%, definitely it will be successful! The project is impressive in its scope and intentions. Great team with good products

A truly different and extraordinary project which can make their clients generate passive income!

It only once again proves that the token of SRXIO is the future in which it is worth investing and which will help to bring cryptocurrency to new level

This project has a very promising idea.
The team works with the project definitely it will be successful!
Do not miss to join.

That is such a good news i must say. The project is indeed a solid one

#Securix offers investors the opportunity to earn passive income while avoiding market volatility.The SRXIO token is very unique, generating a monthly passive income regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down!

All support and encouragement for this project

The project is valuable. Inspired by the goals and professional team.

Good job! I want to wish you success!

It is the good sign and we didn't doubt that you will be able to collect this sum. It is quite probable that it is only a small part and you will collect much more on main sale

The project of the future, soon everyone will be able to work on this platform.

An interesting and relevant project in our time. I have been following for a long time for it, and I want to say that there is a very good growth.

Innovative project! The company will release a limited number of tokens! Hurry to study the project and make your investments in the future! The idea of the project is very chic.

Blockchain technology will survive. Cryptocurrencies are still being fought but the technolgy they came from will continue to grow in adoption as time passes.

Amazing project, I hope this project success and who participate get what they want and also dance the investors to join.

Great approach to work!

Securix should come out of there with some partnerships.

All incredible advancement moving into general society deal begin date. Great things later on for this undertaking.

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