We’re very excited to be attending the Consensus Singapore on September 19th & 20th

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Consensus is one of the largest blockchain events in the world, and we’re so happy to be able to share the room with some of the leading minds in the industry. With over 8000 attendees, and 75+ speakers, it’s sure to be a can’t miss event!

Our Securix.io (http://www.securix.io/) leadership team, including our CEO Jac Donkersloot, and COO Damian Strauss will both be in attendance.

To learn more about what we’re doing at Securix.io- A token driven mining company, come talk to us at the conference, or sign up for our whitelist (http://www.securix.io/)!

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I am always happy seeing the team of a project going out and meeting people. Attending this blockchain event can mean a lot for the supports of Securix. One, it is confirming that the people behind the project are real and serious in making it a big success. Second, it is networking with the community of the same mind and goals...so attending can be a big boost to the Securix project.

Token holders will get access to the mining service, as well as the rights to a percentage of the total mined Bitcoins each month. Bitcoins will be converted to Ether to automate the 45% gross revenue share to token holders. The team is planning to repurchase SRXIO tokens from the market and burn them. It is very profitable!

Great event to be at. Securix should come out of there with some partnerships.

I believe very much in the project and am indicating to all the investors and developers that I know

#Securix is one of the true gems in the world of ICO's of today. I am very excited to keep track of them from now on.

The previous meeting in Dubai has given the sweats and you have sold a large number of tokens on private sale. I think, as this Consensus will bear fruit

This project has a very promising idea.
The team works with the project definitely it will be successful! Invest Now
Do not miss to join.

The Team behind this project are very active

This project has the backing of well organised team, I have followed their activities and I am really impressed with how they are executing each stage of the projects development professionally.

A visit to the Consensus Singapore should not only introduce the activities of Securix, but also attract the attention of investors who are so necessary in promoting the Securix platform to success in IСO!

It's very cool that your team will be at this big event for the cryptocurrency world!

This venture has an exceptionally encouraging thought. The group works with the undertaking certainly it will be effective!

Excellent project, well-proven. I'm always watching him.

These tours and conferences are attended by the team
Give great confidence in the project and its future.

We wish you good luck at visit of Consensus. On such actions also establish very useful contacts.

This project can be one of the most successful, since this direction is now very important.

Can't wait to see this project change the globe.

Super project, which will not leave anyone indifferent! Join the project, as long as there is time and benefits.

Interesting idea! Great team I think soon I will see this project in the top of the most successful! Good luck!

This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary among all other! With pleasure I will watch out.

This is a very cool modern and usefull platform! No doubt that in the near future, this project will have a great success! Im proud to be a part of It! Thank you guys!

Impressive token metrics, this will drive the price up and put it on the top 100 currencies once it starts trading.

This project will help you to hedge yourself while the market is very volatile.

The project is one of the most developed and good projects. This team is the most transparent in terms of management. this project is going to moon

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