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Hi everyone,

It seems like the latest trend is to hop into new and exciting coins during the ICO phase. This is because the majority of the time you get a lot more tokens for your investment allowing it to go a long way in the future. Some people often dump their coins after acquiring them in the ICO phase as soon as it hits the exchange looking to make 3x – 5x gain. I’ve decided to hop into the newest craze and set aside some $ to invest into the ICO with the most potential.

One of the things I personally look for in an ICO is how strong its community is. I’ve seen good communities rally behind a coin and provide great buyer support. I’ve also seen good communities engage with exchanges to get their coin up for trading. As you can see the community aspect is a huge factor in the overall success of a coin.

With that said, I’ve done some research and narrowed the upcoming ICOs into the below list.

Please note these are in no particular order.

  • Cindicator
  • Bankera
  • Monetha
  • TRON
  • Unikoin Coin
  • Red Pulse
  • Nebulas
  • Kyber

I wanted to ask the SteemIt community what ICO they believe in the most and why?

I can go first. I personally believe Red Pulse has the potential to be the greatest ICO in this list. It has a lot of hype with it being the first ICO coming off the NEO platform. The price is only 0.04 USD per coin in the ICO phase. They’ve also structured some incentives for investors to be more inclined to purchase coins early in the ICO phase (30% sale). Partners supporting Red Pulse Token includes NEO, Accenture, OnChain, & Binance. It made Partnership and integration with Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, and FactSet financial terminals. The company itself has been around for 2 years already. My only concern here is I won’t be able to get any during the ICO phase and it will sell out too fast!

Looking to create a helpful and informative post for everyone!




Always better to buy after the launch of the ICO

Why do you say that? From my experience ICO price is rarely reached after it hits the exchange.

It is not easy to find profitable ICO,because of so many scams out there....I think you should do as much research as possible: see if project (ICO) has website,who is the owner,check the WHOIS of website,ask about it on Reddit or Telegram or Twitter,check if there is Bitcointalk thread about it,etc....Good luck with your choice!

I agree it's not easy at all. However, I feel like as a community if we research together and truly believe in the problem they're looking to solve we can help the coin lift off from the ICO phase!

Good point!