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In the past blockchain was commonly associated with digital

currencies and bitcoin in particular, today blockchain

technology have taken a new dimension , the application are

been explored in many industries as a secure and cost

effective way to create and manage a distributed database

and maintain records for digital transaction of any kind.

Safe haven offers solution to the problem of lost of digital

assets , they intends to provide a safe, secure, reliable

and transparent means for ones digital assets to be

inherited by anyone they choose, at any time they choose.

Safe havens complex yet effective platform uses the advances

technology of smart contracts combined with legal entities

from across the globe . this combination empowers safe haven

digital asset (SHA DA) holders to ensure secure inheritance

of widespread digital assets.
First, we would encrypt the data, this can be a private key

or a seed with a secure encryption algorithm (like SHA256-

  1. and by using a passphrases this passphrase could then

be divided into shares and distributed by our TFC. Secondly,

secret sharing in cryptography, a secret sharing scheme is a

method for distributing a secret amongst a group of

participants, each of which is allocated a share of the

secret. The secret can only be reconstructed when the shares

are combined. Individual shares are of no use on their own.

More formally, in a secret sharing scheme there is one

dealer and more players. The dealer gives a secret to the

players, but only when specific conditions are fulfilled.

The dealer accomplishes this by giving each player a share

in such a way that any group of t (for threshold) or more

players can together reconstruct the secret, but no group of

less than t players can. Such a system is called a (t, n)-

threshold scheme. In a (t, n) scheme one can prove that it

makes no difference whether an attacker has t-1 valid shares

at his disposal or none at all; so long as he has less than

t shares, there is no better option than guessing to find

out the secret. Some cases of secret sharing:
• Good passwords are hard to memorize. A clever user could

use a secret sharing scheme to generate a set of shares for

a given password and store one share in his address book,

one in his bank deposit safe, leave one share with a friend,

etc. If one day he forgets his password, he can reconstruct

it easily. Of course, writing passwords directly into the

address book would pose a security risk, as it could be

stolen. If a secret sharing scheme is used instead, the

thief must steal many shares from different places. A

typical application of this scenario is the secure

implementation of an encrypted backup system. Assuming data

recoveries are rarely needed, backup data can be public-key

encrypted; this can be done automatically and without user

interaction -- while the private recovery key is protected

via secret sharing.
• A dealer could send t shares, all of which are necessary

to recover the original secret, to a single recipient, using

t different channels. An attacker would have to intercept

all t shares to recover the secret, a task which may be more

difficult than intercepting a single message. Lastly, two-

man role: this concept helps to resolve these issues of

trust and security with the escrow authority. By requiring

that two individuals collaborate to reveal the data in

escrow, holders protect themselves from an isolated,

malicious act. In conclusion Safe haven intends to launch a

social media hub where all issues relating to blockchain

can be discussed and reviewed .individual can choose to

write an article concerning a particular project , this

social hub is called safe havens trust alliance (TAN). It

is also a social hub were users, legal entities and

companies can show case there area of specialization i.e.

advertising there products. Hence reward users and legal

entity for their action using SHA token.
Jürgen Schouppe
Founder / Security Architect

Logino Dujardin
Co-Founder / Account Manager
Andy Demeulemeester
Co-Founder / Software Architect

Andrew Kamal
Blockchain Architect

Alain Degreffe
DevOps-Software Engineering

Destiny Aigbe
U.S. Securities Counsel

Dieter Stockman
Lawyer - Legal Advisor
Danielle Ambrosia
Press Manager
Ivan Pauker
Digital Marketer
Luke Yaldo
Public Relations Manager
Hadrian Matti
Public Relations TAN
Carlos Reyes
Community Moderator
Josh Finley
Community Moderator

Aaron Myslinski
ommunity Moderator

Bert Schelfhout
Policy Advisor
Oliver Isaacs
ICO Advisor

Social Media Advisor

Shashwat Gupta
Growth Advisor
Tuna Özen
Brand Advisor
Rick Kennerknecht
Crypto Exchange Listing Consultant
Thomas Ambrosia
Community Marketing and Business Advisor
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