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Hello, my friends, traders, and investors. We know now there are so many Exchanges have been created for us to trading tokens and I know that in each of us, there are at least a few trading accounts, so, in the transaction process, we have a lot of experience to realize the pros and cons of each trading platform. So today, I want to introduce you to a new trading platform through which we discuss and learn more about the new technology applied, a new form was born to make the difference. Another way I would like to introduce you is through which you find the advantages of this project, and with your trading experience, you can compare and decide to invest in it for yourself.
The one I so happy to share with you that called: Bcnex Trading. That is The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform. At the first look in this exchange project that makes me like it that is the user interface of Bcnex Exchange. This is the first love of Bnec I wanna say. There are some Exchanges I have accounts now that they have a terrible display and when I try to use it, that makes me more headache and make my eyes feeling tire so I have never back to using it again. I think many traders have the same problem as me and that why I share Bcnec to you. And when I check more information about Bcnex, I realized that this is with being a top of Exchanges very soon because of the technology a state-of-the-art scalable microservices architecture apply to create Bcnex. Bcnex deploys microservices architecture to ensure scalability by adding physical servers when the system needs to handle a larger amount of traffic and transactions. With a load balancing system placed on a robust infrastructure with the capacity to automatically monitor the system's condition, Bcnex maintains a stable service with uptime of up to 99.9%. Access speed is also one of the prerequisites we focus on to improve user experiences. Access speed is also a factor that Bcnex developers focus on improving the direction of user optimization and with the microservices model, the system is divided into small services with separate data so it can be easily changed. change and expand as needed without affecting the entire system.
And with this thing you still keeping ask why choose Bcnex? In order to answer the question, let's explore some of the special things on Bcex that the development team introduced.
Technical Solution:
1- The BCOMS Order Matching System
The Bcnex Order Matching System (BCOMS) is a component that matches the buy and sell orders of the exchange. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built with great precision. All buy/sell orders are stored in high-performance queues and the system is designed to ensure data integrity with no losses of orders. The BCOMS has low latency and flexible scalability, making it capable of handling up to 2,000,000 trading orders per second.
2- Multi-layer security architecture
Bcnex has been engineered from the ground up with security in mind. To ensure this, they are deploying system security across multiple layers, including ( but not limited to ): robust firewalls, anti-DoS tools, and multiple user alerts. If abnormal activity is detected, Bcnex blocks the account for a certain period of time and alerts the owner of the account. The use of Google/SMS 2FA Authentication is required when the users perform any action relating to security and withdrawals on the platform as an additional measure of security. In addition to the process of KYC before attempting to perform any transaction-related behaviors. They will make efforts to ensure the security of all user's crypto assets, aiming to achieve banking industry level auditing and security compliance.
3- Liquidity solutions
The team behind Bcnex has ample experience in everything from design to client support all the way to customized liquidity management and low latency trading architecture in the forex trading industry. They have worked with as well as operated, several trading platforms for business partners worldwide and have accumulated a larger network of partners in the industry. These partners will be the key to the launch of the exchange and will lead to solid investment opportunities for users built on a well-established foundation of existing business integrating traditional financial services with proven blockchain platforms and the emerging digital economy.
Another problem that traders often care about. As we know, today Exchanges have many attacks on the system and stolen millions of dollars, which affected many Exchanges and users, the cause was that most of the affairs stemming from wallet systems were not secure enough before attacks. So when participating in any trading Exchange, we often put security issues on the top and in Bcnex security issues are always put on top, so after a long time researching and cooperating with security firms prestige they have designed an absolute safe wallet solution that still retains liquidity when the system is infiltrated. Their solution consists of a combination of a hot wallet, a cold wallet, and secure hardware. Their wallet operational structures are similar to those applied by banks, ISP providers, and the governments of developed countries. The vast majority of Bcnex,s digital assets (98%) are stored in various cold wallet, completely separate from the internet and immune to malicious attacks. The remaining balance is in the hot wallets that are enough to cover daily withdrawal amounts of users.
I think these are some main solutions in this project I share in to give you a partial view of the project. Of course, there are so many things about this project and I can not say all the problems or solutions of the project in this article. So, I invite all of you, who are interested then visit all link below for more information.


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