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Hello everyone. Today, cryptocurrency is public and market that we accepted that the place for people exchange and trading. More and more people now are interested and want to reach out cryptocurrency. Therefore the crypto market is always active as well as the ico market with many projects created to serve the growing needs of participants. Because of the blockchain's superiority, it helps solve problems quickly and effectively in transactions as well as payment fees. Those who have been involved in the crypto world are well known, but one thing that makes participants crypto in that deal is quickly converting to fiat money. We often easily convert from crypto to other crypto and when we want to convert from digital money to fiat money, the problem is embarrassing for us and we often take a long time more for converting to fiat cash out for your needs.
Today, I happy to share with you that is a very interesting project that makes an easy way for you to convert crypto to fiat money. XCOYNZ will remove the barriers faced by those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrency by introducing our own super-fast exchange, smart wallet and payment gateway powered by their proprietary software: X-Swift. Facilitating high-frequency fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions, and they let users set their own fees. Easing use of cryptocurrency and promoting inclusion for those who wait on the sidelines, they are carrying cryptocurrency from its infancy to its inevitable mass adoption.
Before share for you some main things of XCOYNZ. First of all, let's see these are the problems people face when investing in cryptocurrency and trying to bring their crypto assets back to their bank accounts as fiat:

  • A limited number of exchanges to provide for the 3 scenarios,i.e. fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat all within on exchange.
  • Transfer of crypto assets back to individual's bank accounts as fiat is cumbersome and it requires movement across several different services, incurring high exchange fees and taking several days for that
  • There are no exchanges allow an easy way for individuals to transfer from their cryptocurrency wallets to another individual's bank account as fiat.
    By allowing all three directions of transactions users of the XCOYNZ platform get much better liquidity of assets. The above factors missing from the services available today, constitutes a significant barrier to entry for many people wishing to move into the cryptocurrency world. That why XCOYNZ has been created and XCOYNZ aims to bridge this gap with a bold and innovative platform.
    XCOYNZ's solution is to solve fiat exchange issues at crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat, all under one roof. And what's more is that when we trade on the XCOYNZ, they are allowed us to set and determine the fee that we want to pay for our transaction. It will also accelerate the transfer of crypto assets back to individuals at bank accounts faster than existing methods, using XCOYNZ's custom-built technology called X-Swift based on the private blockchain, with the ultimate goal is almost instantaneous.
    Like other trading platforms. On the XCOYNZ trading platform, you also have your own wallet called XCOYNZ SAW with smart algorithms that will consolidate all crypto assets into a wallet for your ease of use as well as bar math for you faster and help you only take one time for payment set, and controlled by you. It will also use smart algorithms to determine the best combination of assets that will be used to process your payment, minimizing costs or maximizing profits for you. You can also choose the property proposed by SAW or make your own choice about which asset you want to use, and with SAW it also predicts and gives you suggestions about which crypto you should sell or hold. Very smart, isn't it?
    There are also many features about this project that cannot be listed in the scope of this article. If you are interested in this potential project, please check out the link by clicking here. With this brief article, I hope you are excited and join me. Thank you for your interest and wish you success in your investment.

Website: https://www.xcoynz.com/
Whitepaper: https://xcoynz.com/#documents
Telegram: https://t.me/XCOYNZ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xcoynz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Xcoynz-2221813577868815/

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