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ICO Product Overview

The developers of this project are focusing on a open-world VR video game that is story driven, with VU (Virtual Universe) tokens being used as the in-game currency. A key goal that is outlined in this project is for world-building to be available along with other creative mechanics: comparable to Minecraft, according to the developers. Also, an in-game economy that is driven by UV tokens will be available, allowing players to buy and sell created and modified goods from other players.

Tokens are ERC-20 compliant.

Potential competition

Potential competitors are outlined in the whitepaper, and can be see as follows:

  • Decentraland
  • TerraVirtua
  • The Deep
  • RecRoom
  • Sansar
  • VR Chat

A notable difference that separates VU from the competition includes the goal of procedural generation based off AI that responds from biometric data from the user.

Blockchain Uses

The whitepaper outlined six uses of blockchain technology, which can be seen below:

  1. Exchange of value
  2. Data storage
  3. Identity and privacy – User Bill of Rights
  4. Immutable record of ownership (rights management)
  5. Automation of transactions (smart contracts)
  6. Decentralization of instances

ICO information

Tokens will be on sale July 1st, and the sale is scheduled to end on September 30th. There will be 1 billion tokens generated, and token allocation is as follows:
kl (2).png

Personal Review 6.5/10

This project has overall ambitious and lofty goals, which can be respected. However, the amount of information regarding the use of the tokens and what the overall gameplay will be like is what worries me the most. It seems like a bit of blind trust in terms of hoping that the developers develop a well constructed economy for the tokens, and having such little information regarding what gameplay will be like makes this ICO seem like a bit of a gamble.

Interested in more information regarding this ICO? Check out their website!
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