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LaborCrypto is a simple administrator in a freelance work environment. The algorithms they have connects one user to the other for promoting and hiring freelancers work. The freelance gig firm has been preferred by most people in the past 5 years. Corporations like Uber, Fiverr, Upwork and Lyft and various other platforms have offered users work flexible hours.

However, most of the programs contain certain demerits. They are known ton pay freelancer's small fees, they services are costly and are created in such a way to ensure users pay every time they do a transaction.

LaborCrypto Steps In

LaborCrypto is an ICO that plans to create a freelance an ecosystem powered by the user. There is a Choice Relief iteration, a platform powered by the user which streamlines the matchmaking in the gig economy.
Labor Crypto makes use of the experience the smart contacts in blockchain to aid in decentralizing conventional structures of power and offer freelance employers and employees economic power.
They are planning to bring together all workers from all over the world regardless of whether they possess a banking structure or not. Hence, freelancers can receive they deserved earnings, without worrying about the middle person having some part of their income.


These include the major values Labor Crypto plans to have among their datum. Every user has control over their lives at the point when

  • The client is able to make a choice when getting help is an adequate usage of the resources that they have.
  • The platform gives the opportunity for the freelancers to test their limits, be their own boss and explore new horizons.

Through the platform, the project will allow every participant of the gig economy (consumer, freelancer, stakeholder) to work together without associating with the middle person. Therefore, it will be very easy to finish the freelance projects without the loss of cash during the process.


  • It has an incentive for the freelancer, as you work on the platform on Labor Crypto, the freelancer is able to make smart contracts with the employers making the project more credible and accessible for both the investors and freelancers.
  • It has a team that is passionate, Labor Crypto consists of a team of 8 plus members who pay it straightforward to assist in creating opportunities for demographics to take place in the open economy.
  • It has a great brand, Labor Crypto comes up with a brand that is built on the quality structure, integrity, the freelancers on the high tier and great help of the customer service. The project aims at the clients who are intending to hire freelancers- this is the section which has been ignored for a long time by the world competition and enterprises which require quality freelancers
  • It offers digital banking, the objective of remaking the freelance ecosystem will incorporate the Labor Crypto token- a currency that is virtual- and is doing away with the system of banking in transactions.
  • Labor Crypto shares profits with consumers by sharing the fees collected and token holders get half of the amount according to the individual contributions.
  • It has a decentralized system. With the blockchain dependence, the Labor Crypto peer to peer system offers customer convenience.


  • There is a lot of competition. GigTricks is a project we have previously featured that is also building a freelance platform, and in addition there is a number of other blockchain based freelance platforms that would serve as main competitors. A quick Google search shows platforms like Blocklancer, Cryptotask, Orbi Network and Amgigs. Although there is space for several blockchain based freelance platforms, competition will be fierce.
  • It's inconvenient for users that the platform only accepts payment with LBR coins.


At last, LaborCrypto is a interesting project that gives answers to many of the challenges in the freelancing industry. It plans on using the technology of blockchain to allow both workers and employers merit from doing work together.
The goal of LaborCrypto in remaking the industry of freelance is a solid notion, and with experience and the team's knowledge, as well as the unique features of the platform and an incentivicing profit sharing structure that lets the players in the ecosystem become stakeholders, Laborcrypto sets itself apart from their competitors.

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