Beware of Flow Advertisement: how German marketers cheat their clients

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It’s a pretty common situation. Being on a tight marketing budget you hire some Asian contractor - for example, a freelancer from India. He promises to make things cool at lowest cost. Instead he does his work awfully or just stops responding after you send him money. It’s something you can expect. But when a German agency who has a reputation to care about, who sign official agreements and ask for a fair amount of money, disappears right after payment… That’s something new to the market.

Running an ICO is always a mess: you need to maintain a dozen of marketing channels worldwide at the same time. Qualified contractors’ help is priceless. So, we started to look for a partner to run a Reddit campaign.

Understanding that you’d never get a decent service for a humble sum, we’ve chosen a European contractor with a high rating and good reviews - Flow Advertisement registered in Berlin. They also provide Telegram and Bitcointalk promotion but we needed Reddit at that time.

Mister Simon Peers who works as a Seniour Account Manager in Flow Advertisement, made a good offer: a month of subreddit maintenance and promotion, plus PR article just for 2 ETH. We agreed and then signed a contract with Kai Wermer, CEO of Flow Advertisement.

The campaign had to start on 19th of June. And guess what? It hasn’t started yet and mister Peers stopped responding on Telegram and everywhere.

The situation seems strange - we couldn’t even assume that an officially registered European agency would risk its reputation for 2 ETH. But that’s true.

And by the way, running our ICO we’ve hired eleven freelancers from different parts of Asia. None of them disappeared or disappointed us.

Times change.


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